How to Do Finishers in Spider-Man 2

Get ready to take down these villains with ease.

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Finding yourself in combat can be rather tricky, but thankfully you’ve got the moves in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. No matter if you’ve found yourself surrounded by plenty of goons or you just need to lay the smackdown on a big boss, dishing out a powerful finisher, can change the tone of a fight in just a matter of moments.

How To Do A Finishing Move In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While building up your meter in Spider-Man 2, you’ll have one of two options: the ability to heal yourself if you’re finding your health to be a little less than superior or performing a finishing move. When in combat, you’ll sometimes see the Triangle and Circle (▲+ ⚫) appear over an enemy’s head. Press these simultaneously, and you’ll perform a Finishing Move that will cause your enemy to crumble to the floor in defeat. Continue dodging, attacking, and performing special actions to build up your meter again to perform even more finishers in your fights.

With various moves between the two separate Spider-Men, you shouldn’t encounter a ton of repeats, so these moves can help combat feel more fluid and exciting than you could have ever expected. No matter if you’re still a fledgling spider playing on an easier Challenge level, or someone who is hoping to showcase their true superhero prowess, keeping this knowledge in the back of your mind at all times can ensure you leave every battle victorious.

Whether you’re a Spider-Man fanatic, or this is your first experience with the Marvel’s Spider-Man games, we’ve got you covered in our section below. Find out where to get your hands on every Spiderbot in the game, or just swing on in to see what we’ve got covered to help you enjoy every moment in New York City to the fullest.

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