How to do Executions in COD Mobile

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Execution COD Mobile
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Executions are always enticing because they are an instant elimination when you can pull them off, and they are the ultimate form of disrespect against the enemy team in COD Mobile. But you have to know how to complete them first, and I’m here to make sure it’s easy to perform. Here’s how to perform Executions in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Execute Players in COD Mobile

Executions can be done by getting directly behind an enemy player and tapping the “execute” button that appears on the screen. Tap the button once and your character will start a deadly animation that can take some time to finish. I usually only attempt these if I know I have some cover and there are no other enemies around to interrupt the execution in COD Mobile.

Keep in mind that the melee button and the execution button are essentially the same thing. If you get close enough to enemies that are face-to-face with you, then the melee option will appear in the same spot. However, you have to get behind them to pull off the full animation. Otherwise, it’s a simple slash from your melee weapon of choice.

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In the settings menu for Call of Duty Mobile, there is also an option to change how the execution functions. By default, it only requires one quick tap to start the animation. But you can change this so you have to hold the execute button. This leaves less room for error when your screen has so many buttons, and it makes the move more similar to other COD titles.

With your settings ready to go and a decent execution equipped to your Operator, make sure to look for takedowns that the enemy team can’t stop. Or risk it out in the open for more disrespect points.

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