How to Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Holy diver.

How to Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
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As you play Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you’ll hit a wall where you must learn how to dive to progress the story or to unlock a specific Critter List. Here’s what you need to know to gain access to the deep water.

How to Unlock Diving in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

To unlock the ability to Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you must craft the Snorkel. But first, you need the Snorkel crafting plans, which are given to you by Kuromi. Raise your Friendship Level with Kuromi to level six, and she will give you the “Deep Diving” quest.

To complete the quest, you must help Kuromi retrieve a locket that she accidentally dropped into the Swamp. She’ll loan you her Snorkel temporarily, but she wants it back afterward. Boo. Hop into the Swamp and use the slider to drag the Snorkel icon down to dive, or pull down on the right stick if you’ve connected a controller (which I highly recommend doing, it is so much easier than using the touchscreen).

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Grab the locket and return to Kuromi. As a thank you, she will give you the Snorkel crafting plans so you can make your own Snorkel.

How to Craft the Snorkel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

To craft the Snorkel, take the Snorkel crafting plans to a Crafting Table. I find Chococat’s crafting bench the easiest to access because it’s right by the Resort Gate fast travel point. You need the following materials to craft the Snorkel:

  • x10 Rubber.
  • x2 Spark.
  • x2 Ingot.

Where to Get Rubber

You can find Rubber littered throughout the Seaside Resort, often under palm trees. Look for little purple and blue bouncy balls.

Where to Get Spark

Spark is crafted using three Light Stones. You get Light Stone from Kuromi each time you gift her a present. But you won’t be able to craft Spark until you’ve unlocked the Spark crafting plans, which you get from Pochacco by completing the “A Zipline Adventure” quest given to you once you reach Friendship Level four with him.

Where to Get Ingot

Ingot is crafted using three Iron Ore. To find Iron Ore, head to Mount Hothead, where you’ll often find them nestled between rocks. You won’t be able to craft Ingots until you’ve obtained the Ingot crafting plans, though.

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Luckily, getting your hands on the Ingot crafting plans is easy. Simply head to the Dance Hall at Gemstone Mountain and take a left. You’ll see a barrel next to a large wooden panel with a blue house painted on it. The plans are on top of the barrel.

Crafting the Snorkel.
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With the materials in hand, return to a Crafting Table and craft the Snorkel to unlock it. Yay, you can dive now! Now the Rainbow Reef is open to explore, where you’ll find Hangyodon, the Comedy Club, and more. You can also dive down and grab the Gemstone Critter List in the Nature Preserve.

Now that you know how to dive, head over to our Reef Critter List guide in Hello Kitty Island Adventure to help you catch all of the underwater biome’s Critters.

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