How to Delete an Outpost in Starfield

Bye bye, outpost.

Starfield Outpost
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Having an outpost setup in Starfield is important for side content, as it allows you to have a place to call home, assign Crew members to gather resources, and store all sorts of tables that allow you to craft new things. With all that said, you might want to remove your outpost either to avoid the feature or to move it to another planet. Here’s how to delete an outpost in Starfield.

How to Remove Your Outpost From a Planet in Starfield

Starfield Outpost Remove
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If you’ve decided you want your outpost gone from its current spot, you’ll want to walk up to the main beacon you used to start it in the first place. From there, you’ll either hold the R key on your keyboard or the X button on your controller to remove the outpost. You’ll be greeted with a message telling you that removing the outpost is permanent and asking if you want to proceed. If it’s really something you want to do, then press E on your keyboard or the A button on your controller.

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Once you’ve done this, the beacon will disappear along with anything else you had built in your outpost, meaning you don’t need to delete each individual piece to delete the outpost. It’s important to note that if you have a landing pad in your outpost for your ship, that won’t be removed until you fly your ship away from the planet. When you come back, the platform will have disappeared.

Do You Get the Resources You Spent on the Outpost Back?

Starfield Resource
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If you choose to remove your outpost and everything you’ve built, you will not get any resources back. The same thing goes if you delete each buildable individually. After placing things down, the only way to keep what you spent is to move the parts rather than delete them. It’s rather unfortunate since those parts don’t come cheap. Hopefully, a mod will fix this.

If you’re experimenting with your outpost, check out our guide on how to add more Crew members to said outpost in Starfield.

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