Spawn of Oggdo Jedi Survivor
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How to Defeat the Spawn of Oggdo in Jedi Survivor

Cal got your tongue?

Exploring Rambler’s Reach is one of the best ways to earn some new cosmetics in Jedi Survivor, and it is also how you run into one of the first difficult bosses in the game. Anyone who stumbles upon Fort Kah’lin will eventually find their way to the Spawn of Oggdo boss.

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This giant frog is a call back to the Oggdo Boggdo from Fallen Order, which was also one of the first major optional challenges that players could take on as Cal Kestis. You will need all the knowledge you can get before this fight begins, and we have you covered with how to defeat the big frog.

Jedi Survivor – How to Defeat the Spawn of Oggdo

After getting past all the annoying droids on the platform above, you will fall into the cave of the Oggdo. Your main focus should be parrying and countering. Aside from unblockable attacks, the Spawn of Oggdo will usually do two bite attacks. If you can parry these two attacks, then you can open up with an attack or two yourself. Keep this up until the frog reaches the next phase. You will also have a host of unblockable attacks to look out for though.

Spawn of Oggdo Attacks in Jedi Survivor:

  • If the Spawn jumps into the air and slams, quickly jump after the slam and follow up with an aerial attack.
  • Whenever the Oggdo charges up, wait a second, then use the larger dash to the left in order to avoid the charge.
  • Any time the tongue attack is being charged, wait a second, then dash to the right as you see the animation move. Missing this could mean death.

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As the fight rages on, the Spawn of Oggdo will continue to combine a lot of these attacks and even get more aggressive in Jedi Survivor. Keep your cool and watch for windows to attack just like any boss in a game like this. After a few tries, the frog will surely be down.

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