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How to Defeat the Ninth Sister in Jedi Survivor

A familiar foe.

Cal Kestis cannot get very far without facing another powerful Force user, no matter where he goes in the Star Wars Galaxy. As the first mission is coming to an end on Coruscant in Jedi Survivor, Cal has to face off against the Ninth Sister in a fit of revenge for what happened to his squad.

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For those who never played Fallen Order, this is the second major fight with the Ninth Sister. Because it is a rematch, there are many similar attacks that are callbacks to the first game. She has also become stronger, just like Cal, and it helps to know what moves she has up her sleeve.

Jedi Survivor – How to Defeat the Ninth Sister

Part one of the fight against this Inquisitor is a straightforward introduction to combat in the game. All you need to worry about is parrying or blocking the very heavy attacks by the Inquisitor. Your main goal for part one should be to break the guard and dish out as much damage as possible.

In phase two, many of the attacks will remain the same, especially the four-attack combo that the Ninth Sister utilizes. Make sure to wait for these attacks and parry as many as you can. With Phase 2, she will follow some of these attacks up with a thrust. It is unable to be blocked, so be ready for a dodge and counter.

The last part of the fight forces Cal to use the Dual Wield stance on his lightsaber. This was my first time using the stance in Jedi Survivor and it forces you to try out the new form. Aggression is the name of the game with Dual Wield, but there are some other keys as well. The inquisitor will start using an entirely new move in the form of Force tricks as well, and player super defensively is the key.

Fighting the Ninth Sister with Dual Wield in Jedi Survivor:

  • Look for any parry that you can and follow up with quick attacks.
  • When The Ninth Sister is using her mind trick, simply wait for a window and counter. Do not spam attacks.
  • Holding Triangle/Y will activate a parry mechanic that is unique to the Dual Wield Stance.
  • Any attacks that the Inquisitor uses against this parry, that are not red and unable to be blocked, will automatically be parried.
  • Manage your Force meter and continue to counter the Force tricks.

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Soon enough, the Inquisitor will be down for good and the job Cal started on Kashyyyk will be finished. Completing this section is also the largest hurdle in Coruscant, so get ready for more stories and much more exploration in Koboh.

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