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How to Defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake

A big, squishy, somewhat lovable fleshbag.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Leviathan

Dead Space Remake brings a ton of things forward from the original game (with modern twists, of course), and that includes the various enemies. All the different types of necromorphs you can remember make a return in the remake, along with bosses that require some new tricks to defeat. One boss, in particular, seems to be tripping some players up. Here’s how to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake.

How Do You Kill the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake?

The Leviathan is encountered at the end of Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, when entering the Food Storage room to attempt to vent it. Seeing as it’s a massive blob of living flesh taking up a circle within the room, some players are a little confused as to how you deal with it. When broken down, though, it’s much simpler.

The first phase of the fight requires that you take down its three tentacles. These will be shot out from either the top right, top left, or bottom of the creature. When it makes a noise and one of the tentacles moves, be sure to fly to get out of the way. Once the tentacle is launched out, a glowing sack will be shown at the base of the tentacle. Either throw one of the explosive barrels around the room at it or shoot it enough times to break the tentacle.

Once you’ve broken all three tentacles, the creature’s center mouth will open and it will begin shooting out explosive sacs. While you could easily shoot it and kill it, we suggest using kinesis to grab and throw the sacs back into its mouth when it’s open. This will take a little bit longer, but you’ll save a ton of ammo in the long run. When you’ve done this, oxygen will begin ticking down and it’ll start sending both the bombs and its tentacles out. At this point, you need to throw as many sacs as you can into its mouth along with some potshots whenever available. It’ll take a lot, so be ready to possibly retry the fight a few times if you mess up.

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Once you’ve done enough damage, the creature won’t be able to hold onto Food Storage and will finally be vented. The airlock will then close, ending the fight. Before you leave, be sure to grab any supplies around the room you missed along with the crates, located where the creature once was. From there, you’ll have finished Chapter 6 and will be able to move on to Chapter 7: Into the Void.

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