How to Defeat Gargoyles in Under 20 Seconds With Nixi in Death Must Die

15 seconds to kill bosses in death must die
How to Beat Left Hand Right Hand Baron Death Must Die
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The Sign of the Viper achievement must feel hard to complete, but rest assured, there is a way to beat Gargoyles in under 20 seconds with Nixi in Death Must Die. Here is what you need to do.

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Who Are The Gargoyles in Death Must Die? – Sign of the Viper Achievement

First things first, we need to clarify that “Gargoyles” are the two dragon-like creatures, Baron’s Left Hand and Baron’s Right Hand. I am looking at their picture right now, and I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that they are referred to as “Gargoyles” in Death Must Die. Now that we’ve clarified who are the Gargoyles that you must get rid of in twenty seconds, let me show you how you can do it and get the Sign of the Viper Achievement.

How to Beat the Baron’s Left and Right Hand in Less Than 20 Seconds With Nixi in Death Must Die – Sign of the Viper Achievement

Step 1. Say: I’m Broken.

There’s no other way to sugarcoat this. You need to grind this out. You need to become broken and overpowered. Nixi should have a full Mythic item build. I obtained this achievement with my “Evade” build, which gives me a 66.8% chance to dodge the enemy attacks. You can then do it with… probably everything. Look at my build, and you will see that my attack and spell power are laughable at best.

Step 2. Make Gargoyles Say: We’re Not Broken.

Turn off everything. Literally everything. Make this as easy for yourself as possible. Here’s a screenshot of what my Star Crux looks like for this achievement hunt.

Step 3. Pick the Best Boons

This makes or breaks your build. Let’s see what would be a good selection from each God.

I would choose Time, Mort, and Krom, with help from Moirai.


  • Breath of Fire
  • Fire Dragon


  • Bloodlust (can spiral out of control if you stack up enough ruptured enemies, meaning you gotta take all other Boons that provide the rupture effect, such as Hemorrhage, Blades, Chains of War, and Shurikens)
  • Fatality (to get that execute range going)


Top tier choice.

  • Execution (works well with Gem High from Time God)
  • Mayhem (if you pick up the other Cursed Boons such as Necromancy, Ravens of Pestilence, Sickles of Mort, and Soulstealers)


Moirai should come as a fourth God after you fill the other three God slots.

  • Critical Strike
  • Fury


I’d skip on this, but if it’s inevitable, focus on:

  • Icebound
  • Thaw
  • Hoarfrost
  • Shatter


GOAT God. Nobody in either fiction or the real world has beaten or tamed time.

  • Gem High (this is probably one of the most broken Boons)
  • Warped Strike (goes hand in hand with Gem High, and this might just resolve your entire build, whatever it is)
  • The Summoner (if you run a Summon build with various items and Mort)
  • Force (could help a bit)


Some community members swear on Leigong for this achievement, but I do not take him in high regard. However, let’s give credit where credit is due:

  • Wrathful Strike (only, and I mean it, only if you do not intend to play Warped Strike)
  • Chain Lightning
  • Brevity

Lady Justice

  • Consecration (to deliver damage back)
  • Divine Shield (to avoid getting one-shotted)
  • Reprisal (to Smite the gargoyles in retaliation sometimes)

Step 4. Show Them The Art of Shredding

Gargoyles spawn at 7:00, so just try to leave some XP gems to pick up when they show up to get your Gem High bonus started and rush into them without mercy or fear. Dodge their attacks by going into them so that you can remain in the hitting range. I managed to kill them in seven seconds the first time I attempted this feat. In fact, I was utterly shocked that it went by so fast. As soon as they got into the execution range, they got killed instantly. I made an imperfect build that lacked a lot of cool stuff, but it was still manageable, as you can see in the screenshot below.

There you have it. If you need more tips for Death Must Die, Prima Games is here at your service.

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