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How to Customize Your Locker in Splatoon 3

Make it your own, just don't get shoved in it.

by Jesse Vitelli

Splatoon is a series all about creativity and expressing yourself. So in Splatoon 3, there is a locker that you get to call your own. Here you can show off to other players with your unique designs and favorite clothes. Here’s how to customize your locker in Splatoon 3.

How to Customize Your Locker in Splatoon 3

To customize your locker in Splatoon 3, you’ll need to head to the Lobby. This big elevator building brings you to the training area and spot where you will queue up with matches. Next to the small elevator inside that your select a match from, hang a right to the sliding glass doors. (It’s easy to miss.)

Inside you’ll find your very own personal locker alongside other players’ and friends’ lockers. You can customize it by going up to it, clicking A, and then hitting the + button to go into edit mode.

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From here, you can add new items from your collection and rotate and rearrange whatever you want to show off your style.

Clothes must be put on hangars, which you have an unlimited supply of. It’s a small space, but with your Tetris skills, you should be able to fit whatever you like in there. Feel free to really play around it as you unlock more weapons, clothing, stickers, and more. It’s your space to show off your vibes to the rest of the Splatoon community.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to customize your locker in Splatoon 3. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out all of our helpful Splatoon 3 guides. Are you having trouble finding the single-player campaign? What about Tablteturf Battle? We have all of the answers and more for you.

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