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How to Create a Masterpiece Painting for the Painter Aspiration in The Sims 4

Cool to look at AND worth a fortune

by Madison Benson
Masterpiece Painting Painter Aspiration in The Sims 4

As you progress through the painter aspiration in The Sims 4, there are a few parts that you may get stuck on. One task, making ten excellent paintings, is already challenging, depending on your Sim’s traits and skills. However, creating five masterpieces for the last part of this aspiration is where many of us get stuck, despite our Sim already reaching level 10 painting. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to create a masterpiece painting for the Painter aspiration in The Sims 4.

How to Create a Masterpiece Painting for the Painter Aspiration in The Sims 4

One of the most important parts of increasing your chances of creating a masterpiece in The Sims 4 is to max out your painting level. While doing this doesn’t guarantee consecutive masterpieces, it helps, and it’s something you’ll have to do for the aspiration. You’ll also want to stick to relatively easy painting types, such as Classic or Pop Art until you reach level 10.

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With this in mind, though, you may still find a lack of masterpieces after multiple tries. Thankfully, there are a few extra ways you can improve your odds:

  • When you create your character, select the Creative and Perfectionist traits. Creative allows your character to get positive moodlets from art activities, while Perfectionist increases your chances of making high-quality items.
  • In the aspiration reward store, purchase the Creative Visionary trait for 2,000 points.
  • Keep your Sim inspired! Activities like browsing art on your computer, cloud gazing, and taking thoughtful showers will help with this, with Happy moodlets boosting it further. Raise your Sim to “Very Inspired” for even better odds!

Despite there being various methods to help your character create masterpieces, some luck is involved. Even a max-level painter who is very inspired may still create excellent-quality paintings but not quite reach beyond that threshold. It’ll take time and dedication, and you may need to create dozens of art pieces before seeing your first masterpiece.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 through the official website. If you’d like to learn more about the game, check out Sims 4 Career Promotion Cheat Explained and How to Do a Promposal.

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