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How to Craft Gems in Diablo 4

He went to Kratia

by Grant Testa
Increase Inventory Space in Diablo 4

Throughout your adventures in Diablo IV, you have probably encountered a number of crude gems of varying types, crowding your inventory. While they take up an annoying amount of space, these gems are actually very useful, as they can be combined to create even better gems, which can then be socketed into gear to buff items. Here is everything you need to know about crafting gems in Diablo IV.

Where Can Gems be Crafted in Diablo 4?

Gems can be crafted in Kyovashad with help of the local jeweler, Kratia. However, before you can start collecting Diablo IV bling, you must meet the level requirement and have the requisite number of gold and crude gems.

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What is the Gem Crafting Level Requirement in Diablo 4?

In order to unlock gem crafting, you Diablo IV character must be at least level 20.

Once you have met the level requirement, a priority quest called “Gem Crafting” will unlock, instructing you to craft a gem. In order to craft the rare stones head to the northwestern corner of Kyovashad to find the jeweler, Kratia.

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Kratia is located in the building pictured above, which features a stained glass diamond logo at the entrance.

To start crafting gems, enter the building and interact with Kratia, who will be standing behind the counter, you cannot miss her.

Interacting with Kratia will reveal a menu featuring all of the possible gems that your character can craft. For this example, we will be crafting an Amethyst gem.

In order to craft Chipped Amethyst, the upgrade requires three crude Amethyst gems, as well as 4,500 gold. Needless to say, without the required number of lesser gems and gold, you will be unable to craft the desired gem.

The importance of these precious stones is that when they are slotted into weapons, armor, or jewelry (with an available socket), the gems add special buffs. In the example above, Chipped Amethyst provides 5% damage over time for weapons, 8.2% damage taken over time reduction for armor, or 14.3% shadow resistance for jewelry.

By selecting “craft” you will be prompted to choose the quantity of improved gems you desire to create, or you can cancel the transaction if you are having second thoughts. Once you have crafted your gem of choice, the rudimentary stones and gold will be taken from your inventory and replaced with your newly crafted gem, which can be slotted into gear of your choice.

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