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How to Craft a Fountain in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Throw some pebbles together and you've got a fountain.

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve spent quite some time with Donald, you’ve might have found yourself embroiled in the Dreamlight Fountain quest. This quest requires you to not only hunt down some campsites but also craft your very own fountain. Here’s how to craft a fountain in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Craft a Fountain in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Is there any piece of outdoor décor that’s more decadent than a fountain? Something about alabaster stone, carved statues, and an endless stream of water just really elevates a place. And in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can craft a fountain whenever you like.

Assuming you have the materials to do so, of course! There are actually quite a few fountains you can craft in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so let’s go from basic to least basic.

Standard Fountain Recipe

  • Stone (50)
  • Pebbles (2)
  • Gold Ingot (10)

This fountain can be either white or gold, and it’s considered an Elegant item.

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Dreamlight Fountain

  • Stone (35)
  • Iron Ingot (5)
  • Soil (18)
  • Hardwood (8)
  • Clay (10)

This is the Fountain that Donald requests you make in the Dreamlight Fountain quest line.

Enchanting Fountain

  • Not craftable! Only obtained by reaching Level 10 Friendship with Mickey Mouse and completing his quest, The Secret Door.

Once you’ve obtained the Enchanting Fountain, it can periodically be found in Scrooge’s Store for 24,000 Star Coins. That’s quite a pile of coins. Unfortunately, if you don’t care for the aesthetic and feel like it’s just taking up space, you can’t sell the Enchanting Fountain.

There are quite a few fountains in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they all do a wonderful job of making the Valley a little more of a pleasure to wander around. But if you’re curious about some of the more recently added items, be sure to check out our Egg-cellent list here: All New Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Easter Event.

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