How to Complete Unjustified in Starfield

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Starfield Neon Quickshop
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When you first discover Neon City, it’s an awe-inspiring moment. The city, floating above an endless, rampaging sea below, is covered in neon lights. And, as usual with such a place, it has a seedy underworld to explore. This area, Underbelly, is rife with delinquents and ne’er-do-wells who want what you have. But some, like Katherine Luzion, want help. Here’s how to give her a hand and complete Unjustified in Starfield!

Unjustified Quest Walkthrough in Starfield

Overall, regarding the numerous side quests in Starfield, Unjustified is one of the shortest distractions in Neon City. But to complete Unjustified in Starfield, you must first speak with Katherine Luzion. She works by the food court at the local Quikshop near Xenofresh Industries. It’s a small stand, and she’s the only one operating it. Unfortunately, Katherine likely will not speak with you upon first interaction. You must wait up to 24 hours and return the following day, and then she’ll find the courage to speak up about her recent incident.

The incident in question involves her husband. He took something of a tumble off the upper floors, deep into the ocean below, and was declared dead by Neon Security. The responding officer claims it was an accident, but Katherine suspects something sinister.

The quest isn’t overly complicated. It involves a lot of back-and-forth between Neon Center, Ebbside, and Underbelly, with some dialogue and bribery involved. The quest involves the following steps:

  • Talk to Tevin Anastas
Starfield Tevin Anastas
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  • Find Rusty
Starfield Rusty
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  • Return to Katherine

The only witness to her husband’s death, Tevin Anastas, is located at The Emporium in Neon Core. It’ll take either a persuasion check or 1,000 credits for him to spill the details, but he’ll eventually point you to a man named “Russell” or “Rusty,” who is found in Ebbside. Rusty is a beggar and thug, and he reveals his part in Katherine’s husband’s death.

You have a choice here. You can persuade him to leave or kill him outright, but it’s up to you.

Afterward, return to Katherine to relay the information about her husband’s death, and then you can either accept or turn down her payment offer. Either way, you’ll receive 200 XP for completing the quest.

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