How to Complete the Warp Battery Penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

A Brain Burst for you, and a Brain Burst for you!

Warhammer 40K: Darktide Psyker
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Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s penances range anywhere from simple to extremely challenging. You could do something as simple as completing one mission on each of the seven mission types (at least once they’re all in the game), or you could knock a handful of enemies off the map after exploding from max Peril as Psyker. As we said, a vast array of difficulties. Conveniently, another one of the Psyker’s challenges seems to bring people a lot of trouble. Here’s how to complete the Warp Battery penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How to Finish the Warp Battery Penance in Darktide

UPDATE: Some users have reported that the description for the Warp Battery penance is bugged and that it must be completed on Heresy difficulty. If you’ve clearly done the challenge but it didn’t count, you may need to try it on the higher difficulty. Our below tips will still apply.

Continued: Quite obviously, you’ll have first noticed the Warp Battery penance when checking the Psyker’s penances in the Penance menu. The penance asks you to maintain maximum warp charges for 300 seconds in a single session on Malice threat or higher. This on its own is incredibly difficult, and is especially challenging if you don’t have a good handful of your feats yet. Thanks to both the difficulty and certain feats being necessary, we’d suggest avoiding this penance until you’re at a high level.

Once you are high level, we have a build and strategy ready for you. Thanks to the nature of needing to use your Brain Burst to build Warp Charges, you won’t need to worry about your weapon choice. Merely bring whatever you feel is best for your Psyker build. As far as feats go, here’s what we believe to be the best feat build for getting this challenge.

  • Level 5: Essence Harvest
  • Level 10: Inner Tranquility
  • Level 15: Psychic Communion
  • Level 20: Kinetic Shield
  • Level 25: Kinetic Overload
  • Level 30: Kinetic Barrage

If you’re immediately familiar with the Psyker’s feats, you can tell we went with an exclusively Warp Charge-based build. Our goal with this build is to maximize the amount of Warp Charges you can produce, along with giving as much Peril resistance and perks as possible for having Warp Charges up. There is one option we felt worth mentioning at level 25, where some of you may be inclined to go Warp Battery instead of Kinetic Overload. The issue comes with the fact you’ll have to keep six Warp Charges active with 25s for each one to decay, which makes it a lot harder for you. Otherwise, we suggest not deviating from this build (and especially not the level 30 talent).

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This penance, like most, is going to take a lot of practice. Before going for it, practice keeping your Warp Charges at max and cooling your Peril down in between. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to balance, especially given everything that’s happening around you at any given moment. Once you get better with it, though, the penance should be yours. As a bonus, you’ll likely become a better Psyker player as well.

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