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How to Complete the Vault of the Formless Dungeon in Remnant 2

Formless as in no formed path.

While the name of the game in soulslikes is endless bosses meant to test your skills, Remnant 2 twists things a bit to allow for both bosses and challenging encounters to co-exist. That may seem like it harms the experience by straying too far from soulslike roots, but it works in its favor to improve variety in gameplay alongside equally challenging content. One such encounter trips some people up, though is simpler than you might think. Here’s how to complete the Vault of the Formless dungeon in Remnant 2.

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How to Get Through the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2

The name of the game in Vault of the Formless is your ability to hold your ground. When you begin, you’ll run along the path before being met with a large cylinder blocking your way. This isn’t a permanent well, as one of the bits of machinery will eventually turn this cylinder revealing your path. Instead, what you must do is survive at this point until the machinery does its job. You’ll be attacked by many enemies including some disgusting creatures and robotic soldiers, so be ready for a fight.

You’ll need to progress through and do this once or twice more, before coming to a final door and being forced to hold your ground one final time against these strange beings. It all culminates in a battle against a miniature version of the Abomination boss, who you may or may not have fought. For this enemy, your best bet is to shoot its armor plating until you expose the bombs lodged in its body, then shoot those to finally expose a weak point, allowing you to inflict massive damage. Do all this, and you’ll have completed the Vault of the Formless dungeon and snagged your rewards.

What Gear Should You Bring to Complete the Vault of the Formless?

When it comes to choosing some appropriate gear, anything close range that’s good at clearing out multiple weaker enemies is your best bet. There’s no proper boss minus a slightly more difficult boss at the end, so anything that can take groups out quickly is best. Something like a shotgun or the Arbalest if you acquired it earlier will work wonders. The handgun Cube Gun is great too, thanks to its shield letting you absorb some close-range damage. Because of that, a Challenger should have little issue handling this section.

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