How to Complete the Out on a Limb Mission in Starfield

Go out on a limb for a friend...sort of a friend.

Starfield Emilio Out on a Limb
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While some questlines in Starfield will be done by the time that mission is complete, some will span multiple missions and have a larger conclusion as a result. This also means you’ll be able to complete missions back to back, and is a great source of both credits and XP. One such questline involves a rather strange yet dangerous tree. Here’s how to complete the Out on a Limb mission in Starfield.

How to Get Through Out on a Limb in Starfield

To get this mission, you’ll first have to complete the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission in Starfield. This can be started at Kelton Frush in the MAST District of New Atlantis. Once you’ve completed that and waited some time, speak to Kelton again, and he’ll mention he needs more data on these trees causing the vibrations. To get that data, though, you’ll need to speak to his co-worker Emilio.

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Head to Emilio nearby, and he’ll mention he’s a bit tired of Kelton’s antics but is willing to help if he can get something out of it, too. For him to give you the data, he wants you to head to a Chief Engineer’s office, purge the files speaking poorly of him, and get out undetected. Before you go hacking terminals and breaking down doors, you can pass a Persuasion speech check to get him to give you some extra credits for this job. You can also pass an extra Persuasion check to have him give you the data outright without having to purge any files.

Starfield Purge All Files
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If you want the most rewards out of this mission, you’ll want to pass the first Persuasion check to get the extra credits, then head to the Chief Engineer’s office using the map markers. Once there, hack through their front door and head to other computer. A convenient “Purge All Files” button can be found, which when pressed, will delete the incriminating data on Emilio and even Kelton.

Return to Emilio to get your credits and data, then head back to Kelton to finish the mission. You’ll still have one more mission after this with Kelton, so good luck! If you’re looking for help with other missions, check out our guide on how to complete the Distilling Confidence mission in Starfield.

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