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How to Complete the Made in the USSR Darwin Quest in Atomic Heart

This robot ghost wrote I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

by Daphne Fama

Once you get the multi-key, you’ll be able to enter the main room of the museum. P-3 will ask the Tereshkova to put the VDNH into drill mode. But the Tereshkova is malfunctioning, to put it lightly. She won’t initiate the drill without you proving you’re human. So, to that end, here’s how to complete the made in the USSR Darwin Quest.

How to Complete the Made in the USSR Darwin Quest in Atomic Heart

 Tereshkova will task you with locating three things which will definitely, definitely prove you’re human:

  • Find the “voice” of the Motherland
  • Find the “symbol” of the Motherland
  • Find the “sprout” of the Motherland

I have a very strong suspicion that this isn’t a real Turing Test but instead one of the tasks the tour ‘bots used to entertain the children the visit the museum. Either way, we don’t have to travel far to complete it.

Find the voice of the Motherland

Once Tereshkova assigns you your quest, head towards the sound of music. There will be a radio a few meters away beneath a desk. If you’re having trouble finding it, use your scanner and it will be marked by a lovely magenta color. Once you do locate it, interact with it and it will immediately enter your inventory.

Return to Tereshkova and tell her you want to talk to her about the Darwin Test. Select the choice “put something cheerful on, will ya”. This will be sufficient to complete this step.

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Find the symbol of the Motherland

For the next symbol, head right towards the closed door. Inside this room, you’ll find a few bodies, but more importantly, you’ll find a golden statue holding a hammer aloft. Use your interact button and you’ll telekinesis the hammer right to you.

Return to Tereshkova then tell her not to lose her arm / multi-key again. This will turn in the item.

Find the sprout of the Motherland

Head to the room opposite of the golden statue. You’ll see a plant beneath a glass jar. You won’t be able to access it, no matter how you strike it. Instead, you’ll need to stand on the scale directly adjacent to it. Standing on the scale will lift the glass jar, and you can use your telekinesis to grab the plant. Stepping off the plate will cause the glass top to descend again, so I’d advise against that.

Take the sprout to Tereshkova and… you’ll find that she still can’t run the drill. Things are never easy in the Motherland, comrade.

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