How to Complete the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife

It starts simple until the museum opens.

BitLife Haus of Whacks Challenge
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Life is full of surprises, and we have plenty to look forward to in today’s BitLife weekend challenge. Today, we’re asked to become a museum-owning fashion designer who commits murder. You’ll have to become a wealthy individual and an expert in crime to pull this off. Let us tackle the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Haus of Whacks Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the five tasks you must complete for the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a male in New York
  • Become a fashion designer
  • Open a museum
  • Murder 6+ people
  • Fill an entire museum wing with taxidermied bodies

While most tasks are doable without special career packs, you must own the Black Market expansion pack to open a museum. To complete this week’s challenge, buy this before diving into these objectives.

Although not required, it also helps to have the crime special talent, which you can either randomly gain when you create a character or set as your talent if you have God Mode. Having this talent will make committing murder easier, as you’re more likely to pull it off successfully.

Being Born a Male in New York and Becoming a Fashion Designer

To begin this week’s challenge, create a new male character whose starting country is the United States and whose starting place is New York. Unlike many states in BitLife, New York is both a state and a city, allowing you to choose it without any issues.

Once you create your character, age until he turns 18 before pursuing a graphic design degree in university. After completing your four-year degree, search the full-time job list for a Jr. Fashion Designer career. Apply for it and pass the interview to become a fashion designer, knocking out the next challenge task.

Opening a Museum

The most challenging part of this task is opening a museum and getting taxidermied bodies for it. You’ll have to raise $5,000,00 to open the museum initially. Fortunately, you can make money however you wish. Whether you resort to crime, working hard at your career, or using your parents’ inheritance is entirely up to you.

Filling An Entire Museum Wing

Once you open your museum in BitLife, you’ll have to start murdering people, getting them taxidermied, and placing their bodies in the building’s main wing. There are two main ways to do this: wait for your family and loved ones to pass away or end things early. That’s right; you can murder your family and romantic partners, plan their funerals, and choose to taxidermy them. The exact option you pick is up to you.

The easiest way I discovered doing this is by going into Activities, Love, and the Dating App, then choosing someone who is at least 80 years old. From here, my character married the NPC, committed the crime, and then got the body taxidermied. There are six slots in your museum’s main wing, so all six murders can go toward this.

Taxidermies also cost tens of thousands of dollars, so be prepared to spend a few extra hundred thousand on this task.

Once you murder six people, taxidermy their bodies, and place them in your museum, you’ll finish the last two tasks of the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. Be sure to check out how to complete the Farside Fugitive challenge in BitLife to learn about a previous challenge.

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