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How to Complete the Don’t Stop Me Now Penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

You're going to need to stomp a lot of snivellers.

by Shawn Robinson
Warhammer 40K: Darktide Ogryn

No matter which penance you want to get in Warhammer 40K: Darktide, chances are you’re going to be working for a long time. Whether the requirements ask you to put a ton of hours into a character or ask you to do something specific and incredibly difficult, you’re in for a very challenging time. One such penance for Ogryn isn’t too difficult but requires the right knowledge to pull it off correctly. Here’s how to complete the Don’t Stop Me Now penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How to Get Don’t Stop Me Now in Darktide

The penance itself asks you to move 40 meters with Bull Rush in under 20 seconds on Heresy difficulty or higher. This may seem impossible if you’re not a max-level Ogryn, and that’s because it is. To complete this, you’ll need to be level 30 and have the feat Unstoppable equipped, which doubles the distance you travel with your ultimate and makes it only stoppable by a monstrosity.

There are some other things you’ll need to take into consideration before you go running in as Ogryn though. As you might have guessed from the large window, you’ll need to trigger Bull Rush several times in 20 seconds to pull it off. This is going to require some careful positioning, enemy killing, and the correct build. While you can do the first two with enough skill and planning, we can help you out with the final one.

For weapons, we suggest running both the Mk V Ripper Gun and any of the Cleaver weapons. The Ripper Gun is a no-brainer, though the Mk V allows for some quicker kills against the natural horde you’ll be up against. As much as it pains us to say, you’ll have a more difficult time with the Battle Maul and Slab Shield. Under normal circumstances, it would completely trump the Cleavers, though damage output is not one of those circumstances.

As for feats, we feel the following helps to get this penance provided you have your team ready to follow you up:

  • Level 5: Lynchpin
  • Level 10: Blood and Thunder
  • Level 15: Bullfighter
  • Level 20: Hard as Nails
  • Level 25: Knife Through Butter
  • Level 30: Unstoppable

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This feat build centers around supporting you while benefiting from any allies who choose to follow up a massive Bull Rush. Your playstyle here will be to spam heavy attacks on the horde you knock down and get your ultimate as fast as possible. Once you have it back, press it back toward where you came from, and the challenge should be yours. We also suggest trying this with Endless Horde as, despite the difficulty, more enemies means more ultimate charge to be gained faster.

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