How to Complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife

Explore the cosmos!

BitLife Cosmic Explorer Challenge

Are you ready for another wild and wacky BitLife challenge? This week, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a famous astronaut! It’s time to fly across the cosmos, interact with aliens, and see firsthand what’s outside our home planet. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife.

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Bitlife: Cosmic Explorer Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the tasks you will have to complete for the Cosmic Explorer challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a famous astronaut
  • Launch 2+ probes
  • Go on 1+ Mars Missions
  • Collect 2+ artifacts from space
  • Win a Noble Prize

Becoming a Famous Astronaut

To become an astronaut in BitLife, you’ll have to pursue a STEM degree in university, go to the Space Academy, and become a cadet in your country’s space program. From here, you’ll unlock interactions for conducting deep-space research, applying for missions, and scanning for cosmic anomalies. As you do these activities, you’ll build up your popularity and reputation, eventually leading to you becoming famous!

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Launching Probes and Going on Mars Missions

After becoming an astronaut, you’ll have to go on various missions to rise the ranks, and unlock more options, such as launching probes and going to Mars. As you gain promotions, you’ll first gain access to designing a probe before, eventually, unlocking Mars missions. Go for as many successful missions and alien decryption minigames as possible while maintaining good relations with your colleagues to gain promotions!

When you become an astronaut, you’ll initially start as a cadet. To unlock probes, you must be a major, while Mars missions are accessible at General rank.

Collecting Artifacts From Space and Winning a Noble Prize

As you start exploring the moon and Mars, you have a chance to find artifacts that you can bring home and see in your discoveries menu. Continue going on Mars and Moon missions until you get at least two! It may take several, and you’re limited on how many you can do per year, so just keep at it until you get them.

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Throughout your time as an astronaut, you’ll want to search for cosmic anomalies, and publish high-rated peer reviews to boost your chances of getting a Noble Prize. The better your publications, the higher your odds of getting the prize. It is still random chance, though, so just keep at it until you’re nominated and accepted for the award.

Once you become a famous astronaut, and win your Noble prize, you’ll finish the final task, and complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife!

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