How to Complete the Butcher Challenge in BitLife

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BitLife Butcher Challenge

There are a lot of similarities between various BitLife challenges throughout the years. Often, you’ll have to be born in a specific country, pursue a career, and then do some wacky things related to that job. The Butcher challenge is no exception, and this time, you’ll have to spend some time behind bars before escaping and starting a new life elsewhere. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Butcher Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: The Butcher Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the five tasks you will have to complete for the Butcher challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born in Romania
  • Become a butcher in Romania
  • Murder 5+ people while working as a butcher
  • Escape prison
  • Emigrate to the United States after escaping prison

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How to Be Born in Romania

To begin the Butcher Challenge in BitLife, create a new character whose starting country is Romania. It does not matter what their starting name, gender, or city is as long as they live somewhere in Romania.

However, having the criminal special talent will give you a significant advantage when committing crimes later in this challenge. You can find this randomly while creating a character or pick it as your special talent if you have God Mode. Just wait to commit crimes, as you must land a job as a butcher first.

Becoming a Butcher

Once you create your new character, age until they turn 19 and graduate upper secondary school. After reaching adulthood, search the full-time jobs list until you find “Apprentice Butcher”. It’ll appear with the “Grocery Store” tag and a meat emoji next to its name. If you don’t see it immediately, age up or close and reopen the BitLife app before rechecking the list.

Once the job listing appears, apply and pass the interview to become a butcher! Now it’s time to target some people.

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Murdering People While Working as a Butcher

After landing your new position as a butcher, it’s time for the third task to murder some people. To do this, go into Activities, pick Crime, and then select Murder. Pick a random victim and methods like Drive-By or Poisoning for the highest odds of success. These are the easiest to get away with, making it less likely to get caught by the police.

Getting away with your murders is the most important part of this challenge. Since you must do it while working as a butcher, getting caught before finishing all five murders makes it far more challenging. The best way to do this is to commit only one or two murders a year, then aging up and repeat the process until you complete all five. If the police catch you, you can either close and reopen the app again or attempt to run away.

If you end up in prison before finishing all five murders, don’t worry. By escaping prison and emigrating to the US, you’ll knock out the last two challenges and just have to apply for a butcher position again and repeat the process. It’s slightly time-consuming, but at least you won’t have to restart the challenge!

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How to Escape Prison

Once you land a spot in prison, it’s time to escape and start a new life in another country. To do this, go into the Prison tab, and select Escape. You have two options from here: complete the minigame or fail and repeat the process another year.

The minigame requires you to outmaneuver a guard who’ll move two spaces toward you, prioritizing horizontal movements. The general strategy is to find a spot where the guard cannot move, allowing you to reach the exit without any obstacles. If you’re caught, your prison sentence will be extended, but you’ll still be able to attempt the escape next year.

Once you finish the minigame, you’ll be on the run from law enforcement and must either emigrate or hope you’re not caught quickly.

How to Emigrate to the United States After Escaping Prison

The last part of the BitLife challenge requires you to emigrate to the United States after escaping prison. To do this, head into Activities and pick Emigrate. Search the list until you find the United States, closing and reopening the menu if it doesn’t appear, and request approval. Since you have a criminal record, they may likely decline your request, so you’ll have to emigrate illegally. However, as long as you land your feet into the country, you’ll finish the last task of the Butcher Challenge in BitLife!

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