How to Complete Second Thoughts in Starfield

Having second thoughts about your sanity while trying to do this?

Starfield Second Thoughts Mission
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Most of the missions you’ll find in Starfield occur within the main hub worlds of the game or tend to happen in populated settlements like Cydonia or Hopetown. However, you can pick up some other missions while out on your travels that are repeatable and give a decent amount of Credits or other loot. One such mission involves some miners who have had trouble finding their way. Here’s how to complete Second Thoughts in Starfield.

Starfield Second Thoughts Walkthrough

Before I begin going into how to complete Second Thoughts in Starfield, I want to make one thing clear. I won’t be specific about the location where you receive this mission due to it being random. While some people have seen this pop up in places like Alpha Centauri or Nesoi in the Olympus system, I found this mission in the Jaffa system. It all depends on your playthrough. With that covered, let’s get started.

Find Miners That Need Help

Starfield Second Thoughts Six Sisters Miner
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To locate the Second Thoughts mission, you’ll first need to locate some miners who need your help. These are most often found on planets with a Mining Outpost but can be found in places like a Military Post if miners are present. The miners also may not have the mission available, asking you instead to take care of some Spacers or scan for minerals when spoken to. It’s all RNG-dependent.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when the miner you speak to mentions how they haven’t made much from their expedition and won’t have transport for a while. As such, they want a lift to the nearest safe settlement.

Transport the Miners to a Safe Settlement

Starfield Second Thoughts Mission Description
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This is where the vast majority of you are likely to be tripped up. While the mission objective says to deliver the people to a safe settlement, checking the description will give a specific location that they must be brought to. For example, my iteration of the mission has the objective saying, “Transport the Six Sisters Miners to a safe settlement.” If I were to take them to most settlements, this would do nothing. However, if I read the mission description, it says, “I’ve agreed to transport a group of Six Sisters Miners to Waggoner Farm.”.

Armed with that knowledge, take the miners to that settlement, and you’re done! You should receive a nice helping of both experience and Credits. Speaking of Credits, check out our guide on how to do the Starfield puddle glitch.

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