How to Complete Misha’s Next Chapter in Octopath Traveler 2

Alrond is ridiculous and we love him for it

Poor Misha is the endlessly worried friend and butler of the richest man in the world. But Misha’s been put into a tough spot, so let’s help him out. Here’s how to complete Misha’s Next Chapter in Octopath Traveler 2.

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How to Complete Misha’s Next Chapter in Octopath Traveler 2

To even start this quest, we’ll need to complete Partitio’s story arc. Once you’ve obtained the steam engine for the people, head back to Wellgrove. Make your way north to Alrond’s Estate, and you’ll find Misha in the far-right room. He’ll tell you that Alrond has been returning at night with his clothes torn and dirty and that he’s worried Alrond has gotten mixed up in something unsavory.

We’ll need to investigate precisely what’s been going on.

First, head into Wellgrove proper and turn the time to night. Near the pathway up to Alrond’s Estate will be a Strolling Townsperson. You’ll need to coerce or bribe the information out of him. You’ll get a hint: Man in Brown Coat.

Next, turn the time to day and head to the front of the Department Store. You’ll see an Eager Townsperson complaining about the litter. Scrutinize him and he’ll give you new information: Garbage Man.

That’s all we need for now. Return to Misha in Alrond’s Estate and tell him what you’ve learned.

You’ll then wait outside of the manor for Alrond, who doesn’t disappoint with his reveals. We’ll get a cute cutscene for our trouble and our official reward is 15,000 leaves and a Butler’s Tailcoat.

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But the real prize is that we can now recruit Alrond, who is the indisputably the best character to use for EXP and JP grinding. To find him, go to the front of the manor and turn the time to night. He’ll be waiting and recruitable, albeit for a high price.

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