How to Complete Playing for Keeps Gig in Cyberpunk 2077

Get banned from a seedy casino in three easy steps

Getting rich is a preoccupation of pretty much everyone in Night City. But what would you put down to make it big? Your life savings? A hand? An eye? Poor Jacob Lamb chose the latter option and lost his ocular implant in the process. And now it falls to us to get it back. By any means necessary.

How to Complete Gig: Playing for Keeps in Cyberpunk 2077

Jacob Lamb makes his living playing cards. But at Kashuu Hanten Bar/casino on Clarendon St., it looks like he’s met his match. Because it’s there that he lost his implant. And while Jacob happened to bet it all, including his wedding ring, all he really wants back is his eye. Who can blame him? Here’s how to get Jacob Lamb’s implant back and complete the Gig: Playing for Keeps.

There are two ways to complete this gig. Using non-violent means and very violent means.


If you opt for the violent method, you’ll need at least four points in Body. Without this, you’re not getting through the door, and you should opt for the non-violent method.

How to Get the Gig: Playing for Keeps

While you might have spoken to the Fixer Regina, you won’t get this quest until you get close to its location. So, to trigger it and have it added to your journal, head to the very south of Watson, Kabuki. You’ll want to make your way to the ‘Riot’ fast travel point, just below your favorite ripper, Doctor Victor.

Regina will then give you the quest and the general details about the bar. She’ll inform you that you can get the eye implant however you like. Which means that killing is completely on the table.  

How to Complete the Gig: Playing for Keeps with Blackmail

I prefer this method, and not just because I dumped all of my stats into Technical Ability and Intelligence, leaving my V with weak noodle arms.

To do this, you’ll want to avoid the front door of the Kashuu Hanten Bar. Instead, opt to go down the short alley to the eatery’s right.

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There, you’ll see a guard sitting in a chair. Use your quickhacks on the vending machine at the end of the alley. This will cause him to investigate it.

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While the guard is looking at the machine, sneak up behind him and knock him out. Or kill him. I’m not your mom.

Once the guard is down, open the door to the left to get into the back room of the eatery. But note, there’s another guard inside, so stay crouched. Use your quickhacks to cause the nearby freezer to overheat. This will have her investigate it, and then you can give her the knockout special.

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With both guards down, investigate the computer in the room. Open the files to find a manual about an implant that allows the bartender and casino to cheat.

With this information, leave the backroom through the side exit.

Now, enter Kashuu Hanten Bar through its front entrance and speak to the bartender. Tell him that you know that he’s cheating and threaten to tell all his regulars about it.

When he asks you what you want, ask him for the eye. He’ll go to the back and bring it back to you. And if you happened to kill everyone in the backroom and the alley, he won’t even care.

He’ll bring you the eye in a jar and will then tell you that you’re no longer welcome in his bar. Which makes sense.

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Take the eye to the drop-off point in the nearby alley to collect over 2,000 eddies and around 300 experience. All without wasting a single bullet.

How to Complete the Gig: Playing for Keeps with Bullets, Fists, and Frags

If you opt to go the violent route, you’ll find that you’re in for a quick treat.

You can be stealthy about the process by using the side entrance of Kashuu Hanten Bar. But first, you’ll have to handle the two guards. The guard in the alley can be distracted by using a quickhack on the vending machine at the end of the alley.

Once you enter through the side door, you can do the same to the guard within. Kill or knock them out, your choice. You must then have at least four points in Body to get through the door. Once you’re inside, you’ll find Jacob Lamb’s eye on the shelf to the left.

If you want to go in, all guns a-blazin’, I recommend using a quickhack to overheat the bartender, then throwing a few frags into the shop. You’ll aggro everyone in the eatery, plus a few of the gang members outside. It can be a tough fight, but the experience is worth it, right?

Once everyone is dead, head into the back room with the big ‘keep out’ sign on it. You’ll find another door to the left, which will require four points in Body to enter. Break your way in, then grab Jacob Lamb’s eye from the shelf. You can then deposit it in the nearby drop-point.

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Regina won’t care that you’ve become a spree kill and will give you a little over 2,000 eddies and 300 experience. Nice!

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