How to Complete Failure to Communicate in Starfield

Some LIST families could use a little assistance.

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As you make your way through the massive universe that is Starfield, you’ll come across many missions that you can either complete or ignore. If you choose the latter, however, you’ll be missing out on a major part of the experience. One such side mission has given some people trouble, though I’m here to help. Here’s how to complete the Failure to Communicate mission in Starfield.

Starfield Failure to Communicate Walkthrough

Before I begin, I just want to make one thing clear. Failure to Communicate can be given to you when reaching many different systems for the first time. On my first playthrough, I found it in the Aranae system, while on my second playthrough, I found it in the Delta Pavonis system. Because of this, this guide won’t give exact locations for various steps. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Talk to Alban Lopez

Starfield Alban Lopez Spacesuit
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Head to the planet that the mission lists and land at Lopez’s Farm. There you’ll meet Alban, who may be a tad defensive at first but quickly realizes you’re not here to kill him. He’ll tell you about four LIST families that staked their claim in the system, though Spacer raids have done a number on each settlement. They’ve also disabled the satellites, meaning communication between the families is gone. He needs you to repair them and re-establish contact.

Repair the Lopez Communication Satellite

Starfield Lopez Satellite
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There’s a possibility that the mission marker might bug here. If it does, head to orbit and head back down to the planet to fix it. Once it appears, fly your ship out to the marked communication satellite and eliminate all nearby Spacer enemies. Once they’re dead, fly within 500 meters of the Lopez satellite and press the listed key to repair it.

Repair the Other Communication Satellites

From here, you’ll be given three other satellites at the planets within your system that you’ll need to repair. Each of these satellites will work very similarly to the Lopez satellites, only with the families of Lemaire, Banda, and Wen. Head to the satellite, kill the surrounding Spacer vessels if there are any, and repair the satellite. Some of these fights can be tough, so be sure to save beforehand. Both Lemaire and Banda will respond, while Wen appears to have been lost to Spacer forces.

Talk With the Families on Lemaire’s Ship

Starfield Alban Lopez
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Head to Lemaire’s ship at the listed waypoint and dock with it. Once onboard, the three will be having a bit of an argument. Jacquelyn Lemaire doesn’t have the greatest thoughts on Alban and thus isn’t too interested in coming together. Meanwhile, Banda is fully behind the idea. Lopez will pay you, though he’ll ask you to help deal with the Spacers so they can have some time to build without their threat. Firstly though, you’ll need to convince the other families.

Get Chanda Banda and Jacquelyn Lemaire to Join the Defense Pact

Starfield Jacquelyn Lemaire
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Speaking with Chanda Banda is easy enough, as he and his family are immediately on board. It’s Jacquelyn that you need to worry about, due to her hostility toward the idea. She wants to keep her ships with her family since she has the most to contribute and lose with her fleet. From here you could either pay her, persuade her, or decide she’s not worth it. I suggest persuading her here since she’ll help you with the next mission step, though you could also pay her to do the same thing. Just keep in mind that if you fail the persuasion check and don’t reload a save, you will be unable to pay her off.

Talk to Alban again, and select “I could use your help. Send the ships you can.” to get some assistance for the next part of the mission.

Eliminate the Spacers Orbiting Different Planets

From here, you’ll be asked to deal with two different Spacer groups on different planets. Head to each one and kill whichever Spacer ships you can find. If you select that bit of dialogue in the last step, you’ll have some ships to assist you at each location.

Once they’re all taken care of, head back to Lopez’s Farm and speak with Alban, who will give you information on where the Spacers are based. It’s time for the final assault.

Clear Out the Spacer Ships and Kill All Enemies in the Station

Starfield Spacer Spacestation
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Jump to the marked space station and you’ll find a ton of Spacer ships, though you’ll again have the help of the other families to draw some fire. Eliminate all of these ships, then dock with the space station. On board, you’ll find a ton more Spacers, who you’ll want to kill with the rest of the families. Be cautious, as the enemies you fight after going up the elevator are particularly difficult. Once they’re all dead, talk to Alban to complete the mission.

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