How to Complete Dreaming of Blue Skies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

A little grocery shopping for an apex predator

What is FF7 Rebirth, if not a very long game about mega corporations causing environmental collapse and its impact on the earth? Here’s how to complete Dreaming of Blue Skies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

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How to Finish Dreaming of Blue Skies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7)

Blue Skies is just one of Junon’s five side quests, and it can only be obtained by gaining access to the Crow’s Nest. To do that, you’ll need to first complete When Words Won’t Do, handed to you by Rhonda in Under Junon. But once you gain access to the Crow’s Nest, you can head to the small enclave’s community board in the middle of town to nab this quest and learn the details.

Apparently, the Condor-Watching Society is concerned about the local condor, which hasn’t been seen in quite some time. But to learn more about this quest, we must go to Condor Hill. To get to Condor Hill, start in Crow’s Nest. Then, take the western path immediately in front of the Item Vending machine up the hill.

This will lead up a set of wooden stairs that will culminate in a flat plateau occupied by the Condor-Watching Society. Speak to the man in the wheelchair to start the next section of the quest.

He’ll tell you to head to the Condor’s favorite hunting spot to try to find it a nice meal. That hunting spot is, as you might expect it to be, in the Hunting Grounds.

The Hunting Grounds is just south of the Mogstool. Fast Travel there, and you’ll find a cow in the field.

You’ll be told you’ll need to “stealthily approach the cow.” But it doesn’t matter, so crouch run at it with R2. It will run off, and you’ll need to track its scent. Call your Chocobo and get on it. Then press the Up button on your D-Pad to use its scent ability.

A yellow trail will then extend from your Chocobo in the direction the cow went. Follow it, and you’ll find the cow on the main trail.

But once you get close, it will be attacked by three Ignilisk. Ignilisk is a common enemy in Junon, so you’ve probably encountered your fair share. While they can be dispatched with normal attacks just fine, if you want to accelerate the fight, you can use Blizzard.

Once the fight is done, the cow will be picked up and stolen by another fiend. You’ll need to get back on your Chocobo and re-scent in order to find out where this fiend has taken our cow friend. You’ll need to follow the trail east, then up the Chocobo wall. Go through the short tunnel, then down the Chocobo wall. Turn right and head up the Chocobo wall to the right of the waterfall. Here are the directions most succinctly, if that makes it easier to understand:

  • Follow the trail east towards the river.
  • Go up the Chocobo wall on the right.
  • Go through the short tunnel.
  • Go down the Chocobo wall.
  • Turn right and head up the Chocobo wall.

You’ll find yourself in The Wyrmhole. Your Chocobo won’t enter it, so dismount it and prepare to fight.

How to Defeat the Mystic Dragon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

So, the Mystic Dragon is a flying monster, and it’s very fast. Barret and Aerith are exceptional choices for this fight, as they can easily lock on and hit this fiend.

The Mystic Dragon, beyond being fast, has a large health pool. Its weakness is to Aero, and you can pressure it quickly by doing a lot of damage to it. But once damage is done, it will fly high into the air, making it very hard to hit for characters like Tifa and Red. Save your airborne moves for when it ascends.

However, you can avoid having it ascend entirely by using Barret’s Bonus Round. Bonus Round doesn’t do significant damage, but it does accelerate the Mystical Dragon’s Stagger bar. Meaning that you can quickly Stagger the Mystic Dragon without ever Pressuring it. Once the Mystic Dragon is pressured, using your Limit Breaks and powerful abilities is a great way to make short work of what would otherwise be a powerful threat.

When the Mystic Dragon falls, you’ll then need to make a choice. You’ll need to decide whether to take Bovine Meat or Monster Flesh to the Condor. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose. But if you choose Monster Flesh, Colin will mention that he’s never seen flesh of the color and airs some concern about whether it’ll be safe for the Condor. Bring the meat back to Condor Hill outside of the Crow’s Nest. You’ll get a cutscene and your rewards.

Those rewards are:

  • Nice Condor Photograph, which you can see in your Key Items.
  • Warding Materia – Grants resistance to the linked materia’s detrimental status effect, and reduces debuff duration.
  • 500 EXP.
  • 10 Party Points.
  • Deepened relationship with Tifa.

While you’re in the Crow’s Nest, it’s a good idea to tackle The Hardest Sell side quest as well. This will deepen your relationship with Red and will net you some pretty cute Chocobo armor. Or, you can challenge Cameron to a Queen’s Blood battle and ascend to the rank of Blood Acolyte.

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