How to Complete Discover the History of Prince Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Who doesn't love reading banned books?

As you explore Faerun, there’s a very good chance you’ll stumble upon a Githyanki disc which contains the heretical tale of Prince Orpheus. Reading one of these discs will grant you the quest “Discover the History of Prince Orpheus”. And if you’re not careful, this quest might be permanently marked as incomplete. Here’s how to complete Discover the History of Prince Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Discover the History of Prince Orpheus in BG3

Orpheus is a reviled name in much of Githyanki culture. But how much of that revulsion is based on truth and how much on propaganda?

There are three Githyanki discs that will give you insight into Prince Orpheus’s history, and you’ll need to collect all three before you complete Act 2. Failing to do so will ensure that this quest remains uncompleted.

Once you find a disc, speak to Lae’zel to have her read them and progress her personal arc.

Here are the locations of all three books about Prince Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3, in the order you can obtain them.

Prince Orpheus Book 1 Location: The Githyanki Creche

The first book about Prince Orpheus can be obtained in Act 1 by going down the Mountain Pass. Many players skip this area as you’ll get a warning telling you to tie up loose ends before proceeding. You can safely ignore this.

Follow the mountain pass and you’ll get to Rosymorn Monastery. Our goal is to get into Creche Y’llek beneath Rosymorn Monastery. Once you’ve found your way inside, head into the training room on the right side of the Creche.

Here, you’ll find Youth Vaarl being disciplined by his trainer.

Youth Vaarl has the first book about Prince Orpheus on him. And there are three ways to get it from him.

Option 1:

If you encounter Youth Vaarl being disciplined, you can use a Persuasion roll on him to convince the teacher that Vaarl has learned his lesson. You’ll need to roll a 21 or better. After, you can speak to Vaarl. You’ll need to pass two persuasion checks to convince him to give you the book on Prince Orpheus.

He won’t be happy to do it, but he’ll do it.

Option 2:

You can agree to fight Youth Vaarl at his teacher’s goading. During the fight, you must pass a dexterity check to stop yourself from really hurting Vaarl. Vaarl will then be taken away on a stretcher.

Find him on the right side of the room, then use Intimidate, Persuasion, or Detect Thoughts during the conversation to get him to admit to his admiration for Prince Orpheus. After that, you’ll need to pass another skill check to convince him to hand over the book.

Option 3:

After speaking to the Inquisitor, the entire Creche will turn hostile to you. You can fight your way through the Creche and make your way to the training room. Here, you’ll find Youth Vaarl already dead on the right side of the room. They killed him because he refused to fight.

You can use ‘Speak to Dead’ to learn more about him. Otherwise, loot the disc from his body.

Prince Orpheus Book 2 Location: The Arcane Tower

The Arcane Tower is where you’ll encounter the second disc about Prince Orpheus.

Head to the third floor of the Arcane Tower in the Underdark.

You’ll only be able to access this floor once you’ve fixed the generator, and the elevator is working again. Examine the bookshelf, and you’ll find the second Githyanki disc.

Prince Orpheus Book 3 Location: Balthazar’s Room

The final Githyanki Disc is in Balthazar’s Room in Moonrise Tower. Balthazar’s room can be found on the second floor of the tower.

Once you leave the elevator, look to the South wall of the room. On the highest shelf of the bookshelf, you should find the Githyanki disc.

There are two excellent opportunities to enter this room. The first opportunity arises when you first reach the Moonrise Tower.

After speaking to Disciple Z’rell on the first floor, she’ll give you the key to Balthazar’s Room. Enter Balthazar’s Room and look immediately right. On the bookshelf, you’ll find the giant Githyanki Disc.

The second opportunity to pillage Balthazar’s room arises when you siege the Moonrise Towers. This is also your last chance to get all the discs about Prince Orpheus.

Once you’ve gathered all three, speak to Lae’zel to have her translate it and put in her two cents. This will help her through her personal arc. But the quest itself won’t end until you learn about Orpheus’s fate, which will occur after several cutscenes at the end of Act 2.

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