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How to Change Your Player Title in Overwatch 2

It's easier than writing about how to do it

by Lucas White

I’m absolute trash at Overwatch. For real; it’s like my natural distaste for shooters combined with my inability to give a crap about things like combat roles or objective points or something. I dunno; I did alright in Team Fortress 2 so perhaps it’s just a subtle mechanical thing I can’t pinpoint. Anyway, I say all that because I don’t have any Player Titles in Overwatch, much less Overwatch 2. So I can’t speak to how to unlock them. But I can tell you how to change them! I can’t carry a team but I can read words.

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To find where the Player Titles live in Overwatch 2, your first task is to click on the Career Profile option on the title screen. This is one of the smaller text options, which I guess means you’re a nerd if you actually want to click on it. Don’t blame me, blame Blizzard’s UI team! Once you click on Career Profile you’ll see various options. Unbelievable.

Step two is navigating to the Customization tab. I know, right? What a misstep from the Overwatch team, not putting Player Titles somewhere that makes sense, like under Achievements or History. Lazy devs, am I right? Anyway, once you’re under Customization you want to avoid the Player Icons and Name Cards buttons. Those are bad news if you’re looking for Player Titles. Instead, click on the button labeled, “Player Titles.” That’s where we want to be to change our Player Title. Under the Player Titles section you’ll see all the Player Titles you’ve unlocked, which also happens to be where you can click on one, then click on the “Equip” button. It’s magic, these videogame things.

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