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How to Change Your Name in Overwatch 2

A snazzy new name is sometimes all you need.

by Shawn Robinson

Sometimes, you need a new change of identity online. Maybe you’re bored of your current name and simply want something different. Perhaps you made your current name when you were nine and “xX_Qu1cksc0p3r_Xx” doesn’t exactly hold up these days. Whatever the case may be, changing a name online can range from simple to confusing. Beyond some things worth considering, changing your name on Blizzard’s latest hero shooter isn’t too challenging. Here’s how to change your name in Overwatch 2.

How to Change Your Overwatch 2 Name on All Platforms

Changing your name on Overwatch 2 will heavily depend on your platform, though one general rule applies. You will need to change your name on your platform of choice if you want it to be something else. This makes sense on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox where you have to do that no matter what. For people on PC, that can instead be done by changing your name. If you play games like Hearthstone, Diablo, or StarCraft, this will change your name there too. Be sure to keep that in mind before you decide to change.

If you still wish to change your name on Overwatch 2, it can be done in the following ways depending on platform.


  • Open the app
  • Click on the symbol in the top left, then click My Account
  • Click on Account Details, then either change your name from there or purchase a BattleTag change
  • Input your desired name, and you’re done


  • Press the Xbox button
  • Navigate to Profile & System
  • Select your Xbox profile if the option comes up
  • Press on My Profile, then Customize Profile
  • Go to Choose your new gamertag
  • Input whatever new gamertag you wish


  • Sign into
  • Go to Account Management and select PSN Profile from the sidebar
  • Select the Edit button next to your PSN online ID
  • Input your new online ID

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With all of that done, your new tag should show up. You may need to restart your platform for the change to take effect. Enjoy your new name!

Shawn Robinson

Shawn has three years of games journalist experience, ranging between sites like TheNerdStash and Attack of the Fanboy. When not working, he finds himself dabbling in random games for fun and enjoying movies/TV. You can contact him on Twitter @ShawnRazor or through emailing [email protected]