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How to Change Stadia Controller to Bluetooth Mode

The final goodbye

by Lucas White

Stadia is dead. Totally dead. Most of you won’t care, since Google’s ill-fated streaming service kinda had a bad rep from the jump. But many people did find themselves enjoying it, and the technology itself was legit. It doesn’t matter now, but there is some good news. Your controller isn’t just a paperweight, so hold off on dropping it by Goodwill or in a garbage can. You can actually update the controller to function more like a regular xinput pad for PC games by swapping it to Bluetooth mode. Here’s how that works, since it’s kind of a process.

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How to Change Stadia Controller to Bluetooth Mode

To start things off, head to the official Stadia website’s controller page, which is now dedicated to swapping Stadia controllers to Bluetooth mode. You can start the process here, which requires your Stadia controller to be plugged in via USB and charged to at least 10% battery. This can take about a half hour if it’s dead. Either way, make sure you’re using Chrome to do this, as the next step is for the browser to checking your controller.

Before we keep going, here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Changing your Stadia controller to Bluetooth mode is permanent
  • Google will no longer support or update this software after December 31, 2023
  • The headphone jack will not work if the controller is paired wirelessly, but USB mode still works
  • The Stadia-specific buttons will have to be remapped by external software
  • Steam has Stadia controller profiles already so it’s easy to use there
  • To put the Stadia controller into pairing mode, hold Y and the Stadia logo button until the light turns orange

Okay, now, once your browser checks the Stadia controller, you have to “unlock” it. Here are the steps:

  • Unplug the controller
  • Hold the Options button then plug the controller back in (continue holding the button)
  • Now press the Options, Google Assistant, Y and A buttons together. If nothing happens, that’s what’s supposed to happen

Continue the process and the browser will confirm if you messed up or not. Next you’ll have to repeat the part from earlier in which the browser identified your Stadia controller. What’s notable this time is that it’s possible the device’s name changes each time. This is normal, so don’t panic.

If everything went as instructed, your controller will be updated and swapped to Bluetooth mode. Your device no longer has wi-fi active, but it’s not like you can use it for anything anyway. With Bluetooth mode on you’ll not only be able to use your Stadia controller wirelessly with other devices, you’ll be able to update it if the drivers are improved by Google. And maybe it’ll be easier for the community to take over after the new year.

Lucas White

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