How to Change Bot Difficulty in Counter-Strike 2

Trying to figure out how to change the bot difficulty settings in CS2? We have got you covered.

Counter-Strike 2 officially dropped just a few days ago on September 27, 2023, and gamers have been flocking to test out the new first-person shooter. Like other FPS games, CS2 also allows players to compete against bots for practice, but how does someone change the difficulty of the bots? Here is how to change the bot difficulty in Counter-Strike 2.

Bots in Counter-Strike 2: How to Change Their Difficulty

Facing off against bots in CS2 is a great way to practice your aim, mobility and more. The game has four different difficulty settings.

Counter-Strike 2 Bots Difficulty Settings

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert

So how exactly does one set the difficulty of the bots? The answer is quite simple.

How to Change the Counter-Strike 2 Bots Difficulty Settings

  1. Enable Developer Console in settings.
  2. Press “~” on your keyboard to enter the command “bot_difficulty”.
  3. Set the level of difficulty (0 being the lowest, 5 being the highest).

Once your difficulty is set, you can jump into a map and face off against the bots.

Why You Should be Practicing Against Bots

Learning to home in on your aiming skills in CS2 is an important aspect of getting better at the game. When you spawn into a map with bots, each bot will have whatever difficulty level you had set before entering the game. This is a great way to practice against non-players. Just make sure you set the difficulty to whatever skill you can compete at.

Facing off against a set of higher-skilled bots can sometimes make it difficult to get better as a player. This also applies to playing against bots that fall beneath your skill level. Figuring out the best difficulty for you to compete against is crucial for getting better as a player. Just as getting more cases is.

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