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How to Buy Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

You know what Princesses really like? Sun visors.

by Daphne Fama

There are a handful of ways to make friends. You could talk to them, like a normal person, and bond over your shared interests and experiences. Or you could do it the Fire Emblem way and fight with them on the battlefield or ply them with an endless parade of useless trinkets. The second option is the most efficient, but how do you even buy gifts in Fire Emblem Engage?

How to Buy Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

If you’ve played through the early game, you might have passed a dozen or so chapters and had nothing to make friends with except for a handful of Pretty Stones and a lot of Horse Manure. The latter of which will actually make your units hate you. I’d stay away from you too if you happened to be carting around a stable’s worth of horse dung.

But what other choice do you have? The item store doesn’t offer any baubles your army might like, and no one seems particularly impressed when you hand them a shiny new weapon.

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Never fear! Gifts do become available in Fire Emblem Engage. You just have to complete Chapter 13. Without spoilers, at that point, a certain character will join your team who, for whatever reason, is in charge of looking over the gifts.

They’ll offer 10 goods at a time, and they’re random. Be sure to check out our gift guide to see who wants what, as these items can really drain your wallet if you’re not careful. Another good guide to consider if you find your treasury running low is our Gold Farming Guide.

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Every time you complete a mission, there’s a chance this shop, called the flea market, will update its inventory. Unlike the rest of the stores, you don’t get an update when it’s done so! So, check often.

If you’re struggling to find it, head to the Plaza. From there, go to the Pool. To the left of the pool will be a small path that will take you directly there. Happy friend-making!

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