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How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Some mobs have expensive tastes...

by Jordan Lemons

Not only can you attempt to recreate the entire cast of Spirital: Stallion of the Cimarron, but you can mix and match all sorts of colors and patterns among the horses. If that is not your style, then did you know you do not just have to settle for a horse that is fast or a horse that has a good jump? You too can partake in the interesting art of equestrian breeding until you have an all-around perfect horse to explore the world of Minecraft. 

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How Do You Breed Two Horses in Minecraft?

You will find yourself working hard for this item, but it will be worth it in the end. Horses require carrots, but not just any old kind of carrot. In Minecraft, these horses seem to have a more exquisite diet of Golden Carrots. While carrots are already typically a difficult commodity to come across, gold is a whole other bucket full of worms. 

Carrots can be found in villages if you roll lucky and find a farming field that happens to have them planted. You can also try to find them in chests in the village or in treasure troves when dungeon diving. They are also a rare drop from Zombies if you slay enough of them. But once you get one carrot, then planting and maintaining your farm is easy after that and you will find yourself in abundance of these vegetables. 

Gold can differ heavily depending on what biome you are in. It always seems to be around when strip mining or spelunking in mineshafts, but when you are on the look for it, what level is best? One of the unique places to look for gold is the Badlands around Y-Level 32, you will find yourself having an easier time coming across gold. Because the Badlands are also quite abundant in gold mining, you can even come across chests or veins when searching through the mineshafts. Outside of the Badlands, Gold can be found anywhere from -64 to 32 which is an entirely wide area to search. Which is why the middle ground area of Y-Level 16 may give you a chance to come across Diamond, Iron, and Coal which will help your resource hunt. The last place to grab gold, which is probably the best of places, is the Nether. Now that veins of Gold can be mined from the Nether, it is one of the prime spots to find just the item you need to make Golden Carrots: Nuggets.

Golden Carrots are made similar to Golden Applies; on a Crafting Table with eight Golden Nuggets surrounded around a Carrot. Nuggets are much easier to grab from the Nether, but luckily once you gather enough Bars from Mining in the overworld, you can also break down the Bars to produce Nine Nuggets. For each Bar, you will be able to make one Golden Carrot. Feeding one to two Horses will cause them to enter Love Mode and produce a baby Horse that will have the randomized chance of looking like their parents or splitting the genes. This will also split the talents of the parents as well in terms of Speed and Jumping skills. You can breed between different horses as long as they are adults until you find the perfect horse with enough speed to zip you through biomes and enough jumping skills to save you from ravines and major gaps of water. Since chances typically run low of getting good stats, you can also use Speed and Leaping potions to help boost the stats of the Parent Horses when you attempt to breed the Baby as it should keep to the boosted stats when produced. 

Next on the list is producing the perfect replication of Black Beauty!

Zombie Horses can only be spawned with a Spawn Egg and Skeleton Horses cannot be Fed nor Bred.

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