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Some BitLife weekend challenges, like the She’s So Lucky and K-Pop challenges, require you to become a famous artist in a specific genre and pursue fame and fortune as you obtain platinum albums, social media subscribers, and other miscellaneous achievements. Let’s talk about how to become a solo pop artist in BitLife.

How to Become a Solo Pop Star in BitLife

To become a solo pop artist in BitLife, you must purchase the Musician Special Career pack, audition as a solo artist, and sign a contract with a record label. Having a musical special talent will also give you a massive advantage, as you’ll need to take voice lessons or master an instrument to pass the audition.

When you create a new character, choose music as their special talent to make it easier to raise your skills later. While this is not required, it’ll allow you to take fewer voice or instrument lessons, saving you time and money later.

Once you create your musically gifted character, age up until they turn eight to unlock voice lessons and instruments. For a safe go-to option, take voice lessons every year until your character masters singing before heading into Occupation, Special Careers, and Musician when they turn 18. Here, audition as a solo artist, choose singer or any other instrument your character has mastered as your career type, and pick a record label before requesting an audition.

If you’re not accepted right away, don’t worry; the process isn’t over yet. If all three labels reject your initial offer, age up and try again until you get an audition. If you pass the audition, you’ll find a pop-up asking if you wish to sign a contract to become a solo artist. In this case, look for an offer where the chosen genre is “pop”.

Once you find this contract, accept the offer to become a solo pop artist in BitLife.

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