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How to Beat Yunobo in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Keep rollin'

by Kara Phillips

Throughout Tears of the Kingdom, you’re going to face a number of mini-bosses and threats. Still, while some of these propose a pretty significant challenge, such as any variation of Gleeok or a mud-spewing Like Like, some threats you face will be significantly easier to take down than you might expect.

A lot of characters turned for the worst during the upheaval, and you might come face to face with an old friend as a result, but a well-placed dodge and some loving attacks might do them a world of good. Unfortunately, Yunobo is looking a little worse for wear when you meet him again in Tears of the Kingdom, but there are a few things to keep in mind once you butt heads.

How to Face Yunobo in Tears of the Kingdom

Fortunately, facing Yunobo isn’t anywhere near as challenging as any other mini-bosses you will face during your journey. If you’re quick on your feet and ready to jump out of the way once he charges his attack, you’ll be able to chip away at his health bar in no time. The primary tactic is to utilize the large red rocks behind you and position yourself in front of them so when he rolls toward you; you can dodge at the last minute and result in him rolling into a wall and shattering the mask he’s wearing. 

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In addition, when he rolls into the wall and breaks the mask slightly, he will be stunned for a short period of time, which is the best time to go in with melee attacks and cause some more damage. Of course, you can also keep your distance and use your bow and fuse some monster parts to an arrow to deal some extra damage, but generally, you should be able to do some decent damage with any weapon you have on hand. Yunobo isn’t an impossible character to defeat, nor is he one of the strongest mini-bosses within the game, so you should be able to clear this part of the quest fairly quickly and proceed to the fire temple.