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How to Beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P

I love how Geppetto is chilling inside the carriage the whole time

Puppets are not the only threat you’ll face in the dark streets of Krat. Lies of P has its fair share of human bosses too, and the first one you’ll meet is the Mad Donkey. True to its name, he attacks you with no second thoughts as soon as he figures out who (or what) you are. But you gotta bring him down if you’re to save Geppetto. So let’s get into business; here’s how to beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P.

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Lies of P: Mad Donkey Boss Guide 

The Donkey moves faster when compared to the Parade Master, and behaves just like a player would by actively dodging your attacks. His whole battle incentives parrying his attacks, but you’ll be okay if you’re just dodging too. But don’t try too hard to parry or all you’ll get is lots of unnecessary damage. Guarding is always better than being hit.

You can’t keep much distance as he usually charges back at you, so stay on the offensive too. His slowest attack is when he lifts his greatsword behind his shoulders. This is his most vulnerable attack as he’ll be locked in place after hitting the ground. You can easily punish it with a well-timed parry. If you just guard it, you can get your health back in a few hits.

Mad Donkey Lies of P Counter Stance
Get ready to guard in a few seconds when you see this | Screenshot by Prima Games

His other combos are harder to parry/dodge and are way faster than this slow vertical slash. His horizontal slash coming from his left side is his deadliest attack, so avoid it at all costs as soon as you see him setting that one up.


The Donkey gets light staggered every two regular attacks (one if using a heavy weapon). He won’t get staggered during his 3-hit-combo. You can usually fit three to four hits before he counters.

If you dodge backward, you can follow up with the Puppet String Legion Arm while he’s mid-combo. He’s vulnerable to the hook attack, but don’t go for it unless he’s already trying to hit you, otherwise, he’ll just dodge your attack. And you will probably get punished since you’re locked in place while using Legion attacks.

My favorite (but riskier) strategy is to dodge around or behind him instead of away. This lets you perform a Fatal Attack backstab on him even if he’s not stunned. This works better for lighter builds. Hit the attack button at the right time (when you see the red mark in a stronger color) or you’ll do your regular combo instead. Try this one and see if you can get the right timing. If not, you’ll be better by just facing the battle head-on.

Mad Donkey Lies of P Fatal Attack
Hit him with those to make quick work of him | Screenshot by Prima Games

Just like in the Parade Master, you might wanna save your Fable Arts for the very end as it can be a devastating finishing move. A Charged Attack + Fable hit can be enough to deplete around 20% of his health.

Mad Donkey Boss Rewards

You get the Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel and the Mad Donkey’s Mask for beating him, as well as the Krat City Hall Key (to keep going forward) and an Enigma Assembly Tool. More importantly, Geppetto gets you an extra Pulse Cell, setting your maximum limit to 4. 

Becoming the donkey or not is your choice, different from what happened to poor Pinocchio originally. The Mad Donkey doesn’t yield any special Ergo, but the next boss (which will probably give you an even bigger challenge) will do so.

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