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How to Beat the Enemy / Thurston in the Mist in Octopath Traveler 2

Imagine dragging around a steam engine just for the dramatic entrance

by Daphne Fama

Just when you think you are about to get a happy ending and skate through an entire chapter without ever lifting a sword, a fog monster shows up. Here’s how to defeat the Enemy / Thurston in the Mist in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Beat the Enemy / Thurston in the Mist in Octopath Traveler 2

Partitio’s chapters are almost always lighthearted affairs that are suddenly marred by the entrance of either greedy capitalists or, in the case of Chapter 3, a man who is tugging along a steam engine everywhere he goes. Like every other boss we have faced so far, we are about to kick his teeth in.

Here is everything you need to know.

Enemy in the Mist’s Stats and Weaknesses

  • Shields: 4
  • HP: 35,000
  • Weaknesses: Sword, Axe, Bow, Ice, Wind
  • Attacks:
    • Emergency Maintenance – fully repair the shields of the Steam Engine
    • Attack – Basic attack on one party member for 700 damage
    • Throw Wrench – a physical attack that will hit three times on a random party member, around 500 damage each time
    • Repairs – He’ll re-summon the Steam Engine

Steam Engine’s Stats and Weaknesses

  • Shields: 7
  • HP: 7500
  • Weaknesses: Polearm, Dagger, Fire, Lightning
  • Attacks:
    • Expel Vapor – Physical attack that will hit one party member and do around 600 damage.
    • Heat Blast – 700 – 1000 fire attack that hits all party members.

Upon starting the match, you will see there are two enemies. The primary boss, the Enemy in the Mist, will lock his weaknesses. To unlock them, you will need to destroy the Steam Engine in the back row.

Important to note is that if you break the Steam Engine, the Enemy in the Mist will use his turn to perform Emergency Maintenance, restoring it to full shields. For that reason, it is better to either time the break, so the Enemy in the Mist is one of the last to make his move or focus on trying to burst the Steam Engine without worrying about breaks. You can also break the engine if you want to get the Enemy in the Mist to skip his offensive turn.

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Once you destroy the steam engine, the fog will lift. The Enemy in the Mist is actually Thurston. You would be forgiven for not remembering him. You encountered him in Chapter 2, and he is an employee of Mister Roque. Or, should I say, ex-employee? And he has decided to aim all of his pent-up rage at you.

Fortunately, Thurston has low Shields and plenty of weaknesses, so it is easy to keep him broken and whittle away his health. However, once he dips below 20,000 HP, he will re-summon the Steam Engine. You will need to beat it again to do damage to Thurston. For that reason, it is a good idea to not let the battle go on too long. While Thurston is open for damage, keep him broken as much as possible by abusing multi-hit moves like Sixfold Strike on the Armsmaster.

If the fight feels a little too drawn out for you, you can always opt to use Partito’s Merchant skill Hired Help. By spending 30,000 leaves, you will be able to hire Veteran Soldiers who will attack three times. And, with max BP, they will almost single-handedly delete Thurston from existence. It can feel a little cheap, but at a certain point in the game you will be absolutely swimming in leaves. So, follow your heart (and your wallet) as to whether you want to use this move.

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