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How to Beat Rai Mei in Octopath Traveler 2

Time to get skewered

by Daphne Fama

Hikari travels to meet Lady Rai Mei, his old childhood friend, to ask her to stand against his tyrannous brother. But the past three years have wounded Rai Mei, forcing her to retreat inward as she struggled to keep her already small clan alive. Viewing Hikari as a threat to that survival, Rai Mei now stands against him. And she’s not easy to take down. Here’s how to beat Rai Mei in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Beat Rai Mei in Octopath Traveler 2

As you might have gathered from dozens of cut scenes, glaives, and thunderstones scattered around the castle, Rai Mei is a glaive/polearm user who specializes in lightning magic.

So, before we begin the battle, it’s a good idea to have a Conscious Stone accessory equipped to your healer. A Conscious Stone will keep them from being knocked unconscious, as that’s easily the most annoying thing that will happen in this battle. Next, equip the Thunderstorm Amulet you find right before the battle in the nearby gold chest to your most delicate unit.

The jobs that I found most helpful here were the Warrior, who can make short work of Rai Mei’s shields with the skill Aggressive Slash, and the Arcanist, who has access to Dark and Holy Magic. A Cleric is also a good idea for Heal More, as Rai Mei favors attacks that hit two more party members at a time.

Rai Mei’s Stats and Weaknesses in Octopath Traveler 2

  • Shields: 7
  • HP: 55,000
  • Weaknesses: Sword, Staff, Fire, Holy
  • Weaknesses 2: Dagger, Axe, Wind, Dark
  • Attacks
    • Attack – Single target physical attack that does around 600 damage.
    • Levin Stance – Will increase Rai Mei’s attack opportunities, usually allowing her to attack twice in one round.
    • Levin Twin Strikes – Single-target attack that hits twice for around 800 damage.
    • Thunderclap – A single-target thunder attack that does around 600 damage and potentially renders the targeted party member unconscious. Unconsciousness lasts for three rounds.
    • Sweep – Physical party-hitting attack that does around 600 damage.
    • Twin Levinspear – Physical attack that hits two party members for around 600 damage.
    • Serenity – Increases Rai Mei’s speed and accuracy for three rounds.
    • Spearhead – A single-target physical attack that renders the targeted party member unconscious for one round.
    • Thunderclap Stance – Rai Mei changes position and lightning surges through her spear. Her weaknesses will change (see weaknesses 2). Rai Mei will now double attack, with the first attack being physical damage and the second being thunder damage. Each hit will be around 600 damage. It’s possible that this lightning strike will rend the struck party member unconscious for 3 rounds.

Clan Mei Swordsman Stats and Weaknesses

  • Shields: 3
  • HP: 7,500
  • Weaknesses: Polearm, Bow, Fire, Lightning Dark

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Rai Mei takes to the scene with two Clan Mei Swordsman, who aren’t much of a threat. Rai Mei will start the match with Levin Stance, which will increase her speed and give her more action chances. This means she’ll frequently attack twice before you have a chance to attack once. She’ll follow up this move with a physical attack, Levin Twin Strikes, which will hit one party member twice for around 800 damage. Her weaknesses will then be locked.

Fortunately, the Clan Mei Swordsmen are very easy to both break and defeat, especially if you have an Arcanist or even an Armsmaster or Hunter in your party. Defeat them as quickly as possible and start in on Rai Mei.

Rai Mei’s strengths are trifold.

  1. She’s able to attack multiple times in a row.
  2. She will periodically render one party member unconscious.
  3. Once she switches stances, her normal attacks will be followed up with a lightning attack that can potentially render the attacked party member unconscious.

If you have the Conscious Stone on your healer, you can keep the rest of the party up while whittling away Rai Mei’s shields and building up BP. If need be, you can also choose to use Herb of Revival to clear unconsciousness quickly.

But because Rai Mei has very accessible weaknesses, which are never closed off once the Swordsmen are dead, you can treat her like a very tanky normal enemy, building up your biggest attacks and whittling down her shields in a cycle. Still, don’t take the battle lightly. Octopath Traveler 2 is a game where bosses can seem easy in one moment, only to have a few unlucky hits put your entire team on the ropes.

Soon enough, she’ll fall and beg for you to kill her. Hikari, of course, will refuse her wish and start off to Ku. He has a brother to overthrow.

If you’re unsure how to get the Arcanist class but feel like it’s the job that will help you win the battle, here’s our guide on how to get it.

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