How To Beat Marie In Persona 5 Tactica

Make this Blushing Bride pay for her sins.

The first major antagonist of Persona 5 Tactica is a real pain, especially if you don’t know what makes her tick. Find out how to master the first boss fight of the game, and learn what tactics you should deploy to make quick work of this blushing bride.

How To Defeat Marie In Persona 5 Tactica

Warning: Spoilers Below

This guide covers the first boss fight in detail, so avoid reading unless you want parts of the fight spoiled for you.

When you first jump into battle, you’ll find yourself and your squad opposite where Marie is standing. Looking at your environment, there are plenty of areas that you can use to your advantage for cover, so make sure that you’re ready to start moving. These opening moves aren’t going to be about causing damage, it’s about location, location, location.

Once you have set up shop and found some good spots to hide out, start popping off a few attacks that are going to do near-meaningless damage. Marie has a giant health bar, and she’s going to need something big and bombastic to do some actual damage. During the fourth turn, Marie will drop flower bouquets onto the field, but they’re special; they’re full of bombs. Approach any of these bouquets from any side and use your Melee attack to smash them into her to cause some substantial damage. Continue doing this until the next phase of the fight begins.

At the start of Turn 5, however, things take a little more of an explosive turn. She’s no longer standing on her own two feet and has brought out the greatest wedding gift of all. As she mounts this tank, you may be wondering what you should do. Get out of the way. Take your crew and move to the sidelines, as she is going to make a straight shot down the middle of the playing field to make things more exciting and close the distance gap quickly.

Once you have avoided her stomping down the aisle, you can start popping off shots and using your Persona to inflict damage once again. You’ll need to get her down to nearly 200 HP before the next phase of the battle begins, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the yellow markers on the floor to keep your troops active and out of her way.

As she becomes more mobile in her tank, you’ll start losing cover, so you’ll need to keep moving to avoid getting squished. She’ll also start tossing out the flower bouquets once again, so use those to your advantage whenever the chance arises. As long as you can coordinate your movements and get the bomb bouquets into Marie’s line of movement, you can stop her in her tracks and inflict some fair damage. Once she hits 200 HP, however, you’ll find that nothing you do can harm her.

After a brief cutscene that shows that Marie has reached her full power, you need to devise a plan. That’s when new character and recruit Toshiro comes into play, getting ready to drop the biggest bombshell of them all and bring this wedding to a close for good.

You’ll notice that there is a giant, blue square in the middle of the floor. This is where you’ll need to get Marie to stop to intact the final blow on her. Don’t bother wasting your SP from your Persona, no normal attacks are going to inflict damage. Just work on getting your team to the middle as safely as possible. Once you have gotten your team there, she’ll question what you’re doing, while she is blinded by rage.

Once she locates you all, she’ll make a final stop near the middle of the map. You’ll want to disperse your team up as much as possible, while also locating the new bomb bouquets that she drops on the map. Try and get your squad as close to these spots as possible to ensure that you can smack them into the middle, or near the outside of the blue circle to get her to stop inside of it. I learned the hard way that she’ll just run you over if you leave someone in the middle, so this is the only way to do it.

Even if you can get the flower bouquet to the spot shown in the photo above, she’ll stop right in the middle of the square, and the battle will be finished. The bell will drop onto her head, and she’ll be stopped right in her tracks and you will emerge victorious.

Now that you’ve finished off the first battle, prepare for the rest of Persona 5 Tactica with our help in our section below. Be sure to find out if free roam is available in between missions, and find out how to replay missions to ensure you can clear every challenge with three stars.

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