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How to Beat Giff in Octopath Traveler 2

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by Daphne Fama

Giff is a bad man, and he has a bit of vigilante justice coming to him. Face him in his manor at the top of Orerush, and you will find that he is not alone: he has two lackeys with him. But that is okay, because you have a crew of your own. Here is how to beat Giff in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Beat Giff in Octopath Traveler 2

Before we get into this fight, it is important to be around the recommended level. Octopath Traveler boss fights tend to be long, drawn-out affairs, and a bad round can turn a cakewalk into a fight for your life.

As for your skills, before going into the fight, opt for Hired Help. Hired Help is easily one of the most powerful early game skills in the game, though it comes at a cost. Literally. Hired Help will allow you to summon a specific set of NPCs to deal damage for an associated cost. Currently, you only need to opt for the group that costs $150 leaves.

Now, let us get into the fight.

Giff and his Lackey’s Stats and Weaknesses

Giff has the following stats:

  • Shield: 4
  • HP: 1,500 (approximately)
  • Weaknesses: Polearm, fire

Giff’s Lackey 1

  • Shields: 1
  • HP: 500 (approximate)
  • Weaknesses: Arrows

Giff’s Lackey 2

  • Shields: 2
  • HP: 500 (approximate)
  • Weaknesses: Polearm

At the beginning of the fight, Giff will not do much on his own. He might attack with Hit the Mark, doing 60 damage, or he might use a debuff move like Bluster, which lowers your attack for two rounds. He can also buff his Lackeys with Special Bonus, which increases one Lackey’s physical attack for three rounds, and Takes Aim, which increases one Lackeys speed for three rounds.

The real attacks come from the Lackeys. They will attack more frequently, usually doing around 20 – 30 damage per normal. The only special attack seems to be Twofold Assault, an attack that hits twice for 40 damage.

The best way to approach this fight is to keep the Lackey with one shield broken so you only have to worry about once source of damage. Giff attacks rarely, preferring to keep to the back line, which means you should only absorb 30-40 damage per round on average. This gives you time to break Giff’s shields.

Once Giff’s shields are broken, go to Merchant Skills and select Hired Help. Pour all your BP into it and attack. You will four NPCs will be summoned and will attack Giff and his entire party, doing around 400 damage. This will probably kill at least one Lackey (or get them close) and put Giff close to halfway dead as well.

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Do not worry about the cost, either. Once the match is over, you will get 535 leaves, which will offset the cost. On top of this, Partitio’s passive skill, Grow on Trees, will quickly replenish your wallet once you are out of the Chapter.

If you find yourself in a bad place, use Rest to restore your health but otherwise repeat the same strategy until Giff and his Lackeys are dead.

If you did not opt for Hired Help, or you are just trying to conserve cash, opt for Arrows of Fortune. Similar to the earlier strategy, wait until Giff is broken and you have four stacks of BP. Use all four stacks to unleash a volley of arrows on Giff and you should do around 400 damage and gain around 8 JP. It is less preferable when Giff still has his lackeys, but it is a good move if it is just Giff by himself.

Good luck bringing him down!

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