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Smart Cleaner Armored Core 6
Screenshot by Prima Games.

How to Beat EC-0804 Smart Cleaner in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Fight fire with explosive fire

With Balteus out of the way in Armored Core 6, it’s time to move on to the second main chapter in the game, and what better way to kick things off than with a fight against the EC-0804 Smart Cleaner boss? This fight isn’t nearly as tough as the one before, but the gimmicks can make it challenging, and I’m here to help you easily beat it.

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How to Defeat the Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

To beat the Smart Cleaner in AC6, you need to directly hit the molten lava weak points on its face or within the opening on its back. Every other spot on the Smart Cleaner will be almost impervious to damage, so if you hope to get through the battle with any ammo left, you need to aim for the weak spots. But picking which one can make a difference.

Attacking the Smart Cleaner’s Face:

Screenshot by Prima Games.

I found that attacking the face of the Smart Cleaner in Armored Core 6 was the easiest way to beat it. I was able to consistently stay far enough away that I could avoid any wide-range attacks, while also being able to land consistent shots on the weak spot.

My burst rifle was perfect for openings between attacks, and the shoulder missile launcher with 10 missiles was perfect for this fight. Nearly every attack the Cleaner does will result in an opening on the face, and with so many rockets shooting out, at least half of them connected every time.

When you get enough hits on the weak spots, the Smart Cleaner boss will stagger super quickly in Armored Core 6. This gives you plenty of time to deal even more damage without worrying about defense.

Attacking the Smart Cleaner’s Back in AC6:

Screenshot by Prima Games.

The other option in this fight is to attack the EC-0804 Smart Cleaner’s back. However, this method requires far more precision, and you need to be levitating at all times. Any damage you dish out has to directly hit the lava inside the crucible. Otherwise, it bounces right off. With my build, trying to stay above without falling down into another attack from the boss was frustrating.

On top of that, the boss will regularly spout lava from its back which needs to be avoided if you plan to attack at this angle. Some builds may find this easier, but my own AC was struggling. The face was much easier to attack.

The Smart Cleaner Attacks in Armored Core 6

The Smart Cleaner relies on shooting lava, charging at you head-on, and sweeping its arms to lock you in a combo. For most of the fight, the attacks remain consistent. If you are facing the boss, watch out for the arms, and if you are hovering above, watch out for the spouting magma.

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About halfway through, the boss will start using much wider magma attacks, and magma will spout more consistently. However, the fight remains mostly the same and all of your strategies can be consistent.

The Best Build to Beat the Smart Cleaner in AC6

The best loadout for beating the Smart Cleaner is one that has decent mobility, and weapons with tons of precision damage, such as the 10-cell missile launcher. You need to be able to move fast and deal tons of damage at a moment’s notice. The boss is slow, so consistent shooting and tracking aren’t as important. You can find the build I used to beat the boss below.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Best Smart Cleaner Build in AC6:

  • R-Arm Unit: MA-J-200 Ransetsu-RF (Burst Rifle)
  • L-Arm Unit: HG-003 Coquillett (Handgun)
  • R-Back Unit: BML-G1/P20MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)
  • L-Back Unit: BML-G2/P05MLT-10 (Missile Launcher)
  • Head: VP-44S
  • Core: BD-011 Melander
  • Arms: AR-012 Melander C3
  • Legs: LG-012 Melander C3
  • Booster: BST-G2/P04
  • FCS: FCS-G2/P10SLT
  • Generator: DF-GN-02 Ling-Tai
  • Expansion: Assault Armor

Other builds will certainly work in this fight, and you may even want to try one that has far more mobility to attack the back weak spots. At the end of the day, AC6 is all about beating bosses with different builds.

To start planning other builds, read through our list of all the weapons in Armored Core 6.

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