How to Beat Cairne Bloodhoof in Warcraft Rumble

This Tauren Chieftan has a bone to pick with you.

Image of Cairne Bloodhoof and minions in Warcraft Rumble.

The Tauren Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof is one of the few bosses in Warcraft Rumble that will test your strategy skills. Many players have struggled to defeat Cairne Bloodhoof, and if you’re one of them, here are tips to beat the powerful Chieftain in Warcraft Rumble.

How to Win the Cairne Bloodhoof Mission in Warcraft Rumble

To beat Cairne Bloodhoof in Warcraft Rumble, it’s mostly a matter of how fast you can grab Towers and maintain control through strong pushes with Minis. That sounds easy enough on paper, but Cairne isn’t a pushover if you don’t pressure him. 

As a Tank Hero, the Tauren isn’t too strong by himself but performs well when around allies, meaning the more control he has on the map, the more chances he can summon reinforcements and overwhelm your army. The entire encounter is like a race, and how you prep beforehand will determine your odds.

I’d recommend making all your Minis Rank 9 for this battle to make them more durable against Cairne and his army. As for what types of Minis to bring, players have found some luck with using Air units to clear lanes and Unbound tanks to push toward Towers.

“You really want to grab both Towers ASAP so you can control all three [gold] mines,” said one Redditor offering tips to others. “His army is weak against Air units, so I suggest something like the Drake (4 cost flying AOE) to clear lanes…use Unbound tanks like Earth Elemental and Quillboar (I used both for this) to drop behind Cairne so that he turns and AoE stun won’t cripple your team.”

The biggest takeaway is to put a tank behind him to prevent the boss from stunning your army pushes, allowing you to continue pressuring the Tauren without delay.

Playing carefully like this gives you the opportunity to take and hold the central Guard Tower, intercept his Minis, and send Kobolds to harvest gold. So, as long as you keep the pressure on, you’ll beat Cairne Bloodhoof.

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