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How to Be Born in Louisiana in BitLife

Take a trip to the south!

by Madison Benson
How to Be Born in Louisiana in BitLife

During many BitLife weekly challenges, you will have to set your starting location to various areas as you perform different tasks. While previous challenges have included countries like Ireland, Japan and Canada, many take place in the United States. However, rather than listing the starting place as the “United States”, you will have to create a character born in various US states instead. How do we do this, though? That is what we are here to talk about. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to be born in Louisiana in BitLife.

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How to Be Born in Louisiana in BitLife

When you enter BitLife’s character creation screen, you will notice numerous options:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Place

While we could get into special talents and God Mode perks, those are not important for this. For now, we will focus on the last two: Country and Place.

In the real world, Louisiana is a southern state in the US. With this in mind, we will have to select our starting country as the United States. If you choose another country, you will not find this as an option.

After picking the United States as your starting country, it is time to go into Place. This is usually where things get difficult since “Louisiana” is not an option here. Instead, you will find a list of American cities, ranging from Austin (Texas) to Seattle (Washington). In the case of Louisiana, you will want to choose New Orleans.

Once you pick your starting location as New Orleans and the United States, you can create your character and, if you are completing a BitLife challenge, have that task marked off your list. You can also use this strategy for other states if you know its popular cities and towns.

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