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How to Be Born in Kansas in BitLife

We haven't left Kansas just yet

by Madison Benson
How to Be Born in Kansas in BitLife

BitLife allows you to live in all kinds of countries and cities worldwide. Whether you want to live in your home region or are just trying to complete a particular challenge, you may want your character to live in a specific location during their life. For many, this place is Kansas, a state in the United States located near Colorado and Oklahoma. However, you may run into some trouble while trying to pick it as your starting location, which is why we are here to help out. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to be born in Kansas in BitLife.

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How to Be Born in Kansas in BitLife

When you look in the New Life menu, you will find name, gender, country and place as your options. Pick whichever name and gender you would like before selecting the United States as your starting country. No matter what, you will have to choose the US since this is where Kansas is!

Alright, now here is where things get weird.

If you are familiar with Kansas state, you may assume you must pick Kansas City as your starting place. After all, it has Kansas in the name! While this is fine if you just want your character to live here, you may notice that certain challenges, like the Massive Gains challenge, do not tick this off as a correct location. Odd, right?

The solution? Pick Wichita instead.

Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas, making it a great alternative for challenges when Kansas City does not work. In most cases, if you choose this as your starting place, the challenge will mark off the task as complete, assuming you meet its other requirements. The only exception is if a task specifically asks you to be born in Kansas City or another related town.

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