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How to Assign Weapons to a Group in Starfield

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Creating your own ship in Starfield is a confusing and complicated process. Many parts come together to make a ship, and missing one or two can prevent you from leaving the Ship Builder screen. One such error is worded very weirdly but is easy to fix once you know where to go. Here’s how to assign ship weapons to a group in Starfield.

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How to Fix Assign Ship Weapons to A Group in Starfield

Starfield Ship Weapon Assignment
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To assign ship weapons to a group, open up the Flight Check menu. This is opened through the C key on your keyboard and the Start button on your controller. From there a menu will pop up showing your current errors including any others you might have, but you’ll want to press the T key or RB to swap over to the Weapons menu.

In this menu, you’ll find three different categories, each labeled W0, W1, and W2. If you’re running into the error, then at least one of these is listed as Unassigned. To fix that, click on the Unassigned box and select one of the three weapons currently embedded on your ship. Make sure that each of these is a different weapon, as the same weapon can not be applied to two different groups. It will merely switch the weapon to the group you’re changing to.

How to Reach the Point of Assigning Ship Weapons to a Group

To reach the point of needing to assign ship weapons to a group, you’ll want to head to a Ship Services Technician (found in any major settlement) and select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” dialogue option. From there, open the Ship Builder using the listed key at the bottom. Remove anywhere between one or three different types of weapons, then replace them with new ones. If done, this will trigger the error in the Flight Check menu.

What Are Weapon Assignments and Groups

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Assigning a weapon to a group will assign that weapon to a particular button on your keyboard/mouse or controller. For W0, it’s either left-click or LT. For W1, it’s right-click and RT. Finally, W2 is either G on the keyboard or the Y button on the controller. As much as this adds some complexity to ship creation, it’s nice to be able to set certain weapons to whichever of the three buttons you want. I’m not sure why you’d want a Laser or Ballistic gun on W2, but if that’s what you fancy, it’s your choice.

Which Weapons Should You Assign to Each Group?

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How you assign your ship weapons to different groups is mostly based on personal preference, but I have a way that works for me. I like running Ballistic, Laser, and Missile Launcher weapons since I like things being well-balanced, so I’ll have my Ballistic weapon set to W0, my Laser weapon set as W1, and my Missile Launcher set to W2.

If you’re looking into more about your ship, check out our guide on how to rename your ship in Starfield.

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