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How to Tether Items in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

Your grappling hook is your best friend in Just Cause 4, and while you’ll use this item quite a bit as you traverse the massive world of Solis, it also has some other exceptionally important uses. On top of being able to move you around the world quickly, the grappling hook also allows you to tether items together in Just Cause 4. This gives you the chance to create some very chaotic combinations. Read on to find out how to tether items in Just Cause 4.

How to Tether Items in Just Cause 4

Tethering items together in Just Cause 4 can allow you to do a multitude of things and can easily prove to be one of the best ways to cause destruction against your enemies and their strongholds. In order to tether items together you’re going to need to first find the items that you want to tether.

Once you have two items, aim at the first item by pressing L1 or LB on the controller and the grappling hook will attach itself to the item. From here you can aim at the second object and release L1 or LB. This will shoot out another grappling hook, connecting the two objects together.

When you have connected two items via a tether, you can then transport different things around or just release the tether at any time by holding down on the D-Pad. This will often cause the items in question to collide together and explode, which is a great way to cause a bit of chaos in any location on the map.

Tethering items together is a very useful skill and one that you’ll want to make use of as much as possible to help chain together explosions for a better Chaos score. For more help in Just Cause 4, make sure you head back over to our Just Cause 4 guides where you’ll find plenty of other helpful information like how to save and more.


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