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How to Surrender In Pokemon Unite

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Unite matches only last ten minutes each, but sometimes you just get stomped on by the enemy team early and it’s hard to recover. Here is how to surrender in Pokemon Unite.

How to Surrender In Pokemon Unite

In Pokemon Unite there are plenty of reasons you might want to surrender the match early. Maybe you’re going up against an unstoppable Gengar or maybe one of your team members is AFK and instead of playing out the whole match, you’d rather save your team the blood sweat, and tears.

If you want to surrender in Pokemon Unite all you have to do is click the plus button when the match begins to see the scoreboard. Then hit the minus button to open up your settings. At the bottom of the very first page, you will see the surrender option. 

You won’t be able to surrender right away as a few minutes of the match need to be played about before initiating the surrender vote.

Once you click the X button to initiate Surrender your team will have to vote on it. If the majority vote yes, you will surrender the match, but if the vote fails you will continue playing. 

That’s how you surrender in Pokemon Unite. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.