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How to Solve the Vault of the Ancients Puzzle in Sea of Thieves

by Lucas White

There’s a new adventure to tackle in Sea of Thieves. Rare’s online, multiplayer pirate sandbox has received a content update, adding a new Gold Hoarder Voyage. These missions involve seeking out treasure, locked behind vaults and puzzles. The Vault of the Ancients is the marquee Voyage this time, and it’s a multi-part adventure that should keep most players pretty busy as they take on this challenge.

Vault of the Ancients Puzzle Guide

The first part of this new Gold Hoarder Voyage involves using the compass to find pieces of a map. Doing this part, which is pretty straightforward, is only the beginning as the map leads you to a key, which merely gets you inside the Vault of the Ancients. The real challenge begins there, as you have a limited amount of time to solve it. You’ll place the key on a special pedestal, which opens a path to the door. Once the door opens the race is on, and you’ll have to hurry to get the rewards.

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First, you have to find three hidden medallions. They can be hidden anywhere, so make sure you’re thorough and watching out for a slight glow. After you find one, you’ll need to take it back to the table in the middle of the vault. Once you have all three medallions you want to activate the button on the table, at which point each medallion will display a symbol. Each symbol corresponds with a set of pillars, so you need to match them in order. There are only three symbols however, and four pillars. For the last one, you’ll need to set the pillar to the option that shows all three previous symbols, plus one more.

Once you finish with the pillars another door will open, and the treasure rests inside. You have until the rest of the timer runs out to grab that treasure and get it out of the room. If you don’t get out of the vault with the treasure, you’ll lose it. The main goal is the Chest of Ancient Tribute, but if you have enough time there’s other goodies you can grab.

Also, you can get dogs now, which is a largely unrelated part of this update. But dogs are the best, and they even dance, so we’re required by law to mention that here. You can check out the trailer above for more details on the new content paired with the new Voyage.

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