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How to Solve Three Valve Puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth

by Morgan Shaver

Amnesia: Rebirth is a game with lots of puzzles for players to solve, some of which are easier than others. During your journey through the watery underground areas of the Fortress, you’ll come across an area with three turnable valves.

You’ll need to use these correctly in order to get from two small, lower platforms up to the large wooden platform using a giant metal cylinder attached to a chain. To help simplify things, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to solve what we’re calling the “three valve puzzle” in Amnesia: Rebirth.

How to Solve Three Valve Puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth 

To solve the three valve puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth, you’re first going to want to take a moment to light the torches in the area where you interact with the valves. Tasi’s fear increases in the dark, and even though the area is a slightly shady alcove and not a dark hallway, Tasi will still be frightened. 

Once you’ve illuminated the area you can get to work turning each valve. The valve on the far left is used to pull the two smaller platforms in and out. You won’t need this to start, but you’ll need it later. The other two valves are for moving the giant metal cylinder left and right, and up and down. 

If you look at the wall above the metal cylinder that you move, you’ll see notches that show exactly how it can be moved. For example, if you pull it all the way to the right you won’t be able to move it up or down.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the valves, your first task will be to move the metal cylinder over to the left towards the leftmost platform. If you played around with the valve on the left while you were testing them out, double check that the platform is all the way out so you can stand on it. If it’s not use the left valve to pull the platform out.

With that out of the way, turn the valve on the far right until the cylinder reaches the second platform. After that, you’ll be able to jump down onto the platform, then use the metal cylinder to reach the other platform that’s not blocked.

Crawl through the creepy tunnels and take the first left to reach the source of the blockage. Interact with the gate to pull it open, then crawl back out of the area from the platform you entered from and head over to the valves again.

The second stage of the puzzle is getting the cylinder up to the monster’s hole. You’re going to use this hole to exit out onto the top of the metal cylinder and jump over to the wooden ledge.

In order to do this, you’re going to need to get the cylinder in the proper position.

First, pull the platforms all the way back in using the leftmost valve. Next, move the cylinder and line it up with the notch in the wall that allows you to pull the cylinder all the way up. With the platforms tucked in, you’ll be able to slide it all the way to the top.

Note that you want to slide it to the very top. Yes, even past the monster hole. The reason is because it’ll start to fall back down on its own. To catch it, you’ll need to quickly pull the cylinder up to the very top (as far as it can go), then head over to the leftmost valve and open the platforms again.

With the platforms all the way open, the cylinder will rest on the second platform and is ready for you to use. The next step is to enter the first platform, crawl through the creepy tunnel, take the first left, then take another left and exit the monster hole onto the cylinder.

From here, you can jump across to the wooden platform. When you do, you’ll knock the metal cylinder down into the water and will need to proceed up the wooden platform into the doorway towards next area.

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