How to Solve the Laboratory Orb Puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth

The steps needed to solve the laboratory orb puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth including what the machine code is and where to find the parts to activate it.

Amnesia: Rebirth has no shortage of puzzles for players to complete, with some being a bit more tedious than others, like the puzzle in the laboratory that uses an orb to activate a complex, intricate machine.

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A number of people have referred to this as the “laboratory orb puzzle” and it sounds about right to us so that’s what we’re calling it as well.

If you’re stuck here and have no idea what you need to do in order to progress, we’ve put together a walkthrough for you explaining how to solve the laboratory orb puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth.

How to Solve the Laboratory Orb Puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth

The first step to solving the laboratory orb puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth is gaining access to the laboratory in the first place.

To enter the laboratory, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle that tasks you with picking up a small, pointy object off the floor that reflects light off the wall. You’ll need to carry this over and drop it right in front of the statue. 

When positioned correctly, the door to the laboratory will open up. Once in the laboratory area, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete in order to get the large, intricate machine in the main room working. 

First, enter the main room and take a right into the side room. At the back on a workbench, you’ll find the orb that you’ll use with the machine.

Take the orb, then turn around and look at the other workbench to find another one of those pointy light reflectors.

Take this out of the main room and into the left hallway. The first door on your left should unlock once you get close enough to it with the light reflector. With the door open, exit out onto an apocalyptic looking terrace.

At the far back, there’s a creature on some sort of life support with an alien-looking battery powering it.

Unfortunately, you’re going to need to take this battery and put it into the machine so… be prepared to feel really guilty. 

Once you’ve stolen the battery like an absolute monster, turn around and before you go back up the stairs inside, look under the stair alcove.

There, you’ll find a little lab with instruments, tables, and the second battery needed to power the machine.

The machine won’t work without both batteries so don’t forget about this second battery! 

Both batteries in your possession, head up the stairs and back inside.

Take the light reflector with you inside the main laboratory room. Set it down near the machine, you’re going to need it later.

Note that at a certain point while working on the machine, you’ll be locked in that main laboratory room.

You can get back out by taking the orb out of the machine in the event you forget something though, so don’t worry. 

To complete the machine, you’re going to need to install both batteries in part of the machine with three square blocks resting inside of it.

After putting in both batteries, head over to the main machine on the left and put the orb inside of the center stand. 

Once it’s locked in place, you’re going to need to find the right code combination to activate the machine.

During our playthrough, the correct code ended up being the three center circular symbols on the second row from the top.

We’ve included an image above showing where you need to put the red outline below. 

With everything complete, you’ll be able to test the machine by walking over to the part you put two batteries in and hitting the button.

With the machine working, the three square blocks will be teleported into the nearby locked room.

You can’t teleport yourself in there, but you can send your handy dandy light reflector over.

Carefully put it in the area where the three blocks were, have it standing upright, press the button, and the next room will unlock.

Take the orb out of the machine to unlock the doors, head into the next room, and take out your amulet to get the rocky gate to open.

Once you step through that gate, you’ll be transported to the next area in Amnesia: Rebirth and can continue on from there.

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Now that you know how to solve the laboratory orb puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth, we have a few other guides that we recommend sending to your friends if they’re stuck in the earlier stages of Amnesia: Rebirth including: 

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